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          I’m feeling really nice that you are taking interest in my website. Heartily welcome from me. I’ve made this website to interact with those people who know me and want to know more about me.

          My name is Vaibhav Saran. I’m a student of MCA 6th semester from Lucknow. MCA is stands for 'Master of Computer Application'. Its a 3 years degree course about software applications and I'm pursuing final year.

          Basically I belong to HARDOI. It’s a small city just 100 Kms. from LUCKNOW but HARDOI is one of the biggest District of Uttar Pradesh. Now I’ll tell you about my family. I belong to a kayastha family. We are two brothers and one sister. I’m youngest member of the family. My brother is the oldest among us. His name is Vishal and he is in government job. My father is retired person. Mother is simple housewife.

          It's all about me, my family and my education. Proceed with my web site if you are still taking interest in me.



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