Manual for vila.bol accounts

This manual has been written to help all the starting posters with creating accounts and uploading files to vila.bol accounts. It is written for the HardCoreMovieForum ( and I hope it will give you the push to become an active poster!


Instructions on uploading and maintaining Vila.bol accounts 1

Creating a vila.bol account - step 1 of 3_ 1

Filling in user information - step 2 of 3_ 2

Filling in some more user information - step 3 of 3_ 3

Setting up the vila.bol file storage folder 4

Uploading your files 5

Posting your files 7

Important information concerning vila.bol accounts 7

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Instructions on uploading and maintaining Vila.bol accounts

Purpose of this instruction manual is to learn you how to create accounts on vila.bol the manual way. There is a program around that does create the accounts for you, but that one doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to do. There is also some information on how to post your files with direct links, and if they seem to be dead how to share them with the ‘disco_virtual’ folder. Hopefully this manual will give you the edge to start uploading some great movies and post them at the HardCoreMovieForum!

Creating a vila.bol account - step 1 of 3

First thing you – of course – need to do is to go to the startpage of vila.bol. The URL is The following screen will appear (if everything goes right):

As you see, a very crowded page with a lot of Portuguese texts. The site resides in Brazil, so if you know some Portuguese it will help. In this instruction only the needed links will be highlighted, so no worries if the language is not in your vocabulaire. If you already have accounts on vila.bol you have to fill out the login name in the ‘e-mail’ field and the password in the ‘senha’ field. But we are now creating a new account, so we have to make a subscription. To do this you to press the link saying ‘Inscreva-se já!’. It is in right uppercorner under the ‘senha’ field. You will be transferred to a secure page where you have to fill out some information.

Filling in user information - step 2 of 3

On the secure page the following information will be asked:

As you see the above page is already filled in by me with the needed information. Here is a description of the fields and what you should do with them:

Nome de usuário: The username you want to use. This will also be the name that will be part of your direct link to the files.

Digite uma senha: The password you will use. Beware that you cannot change the password anymore after the account is created.

Confirme a senha: Retype your password, a standard security to be sure your password is correct.

Dica de sehna: My suggestion is that this is a question that can be used if you misplace your password. Just fill in some text.

Nome: Your callingname, isnt it typical how many names you have? ;-)

Sobrenome: Your surname, also a very much changing one if you ask me.

Sexo: Check the sex you will like to be, Masculino will be a male and Feminino if you feel girlish.

Data de Nascimento: The date of birth. You should be at least older then 21 to be able to create an account.

CEP: This 8 digit number is Brazil's equivalent of a zip/postal code. You can search for available CEP codes via a standard search engine. For results of a Google search click here. Remember what you fill in here, you need it on the next page.

Imagem de verificação: Type in the text you see in the picture. This verification is needed to avoid people using robots to create accounts.

The other fields are optional, see what you do with them and press ‘Avançar’ to proceed to the next page that has to be filled in.

Filling in some more user information - step 3 of 3

By pressing the ‘Avançar’ button in the previous screen the following screen will be downloaded to your browser:

Some more info you need to provide. As you see behind ‘Número’, you have to fill in the same number as you have done in the previous page behind the ‘CEP’ field. On this page are also four pulldown fields marked with an asterix (*). You must choose something in those fields. Pick your choices and press ‘Concluir’, which means something like ‘conclude’, which is meant to tell that your account is created! The following screen confirms that to you:

Now we have a vila.bol account, all we need to do is setup to vila.bol file area where we want to upload our files to.

Setting up the vila.bol file storage folder

There are several ways to get to this point. One is that after creating your account you have pressed on the VilaBOL link in the ‘Obrigado’ screen. Another way is that you have logged in to vila.bol with your username and password. In both cases the next screen will appear:

In the left upper part of the screen you must see a link containing your account name and the free space the folder has. If that is not the case you may have to clear out your internet cache directory and login again into vila.bol.

In the above picture you see the newly created account as being active. Copy the link, as you need it for the direct link to the files you will be uploading. To go to the file storage press the link named ‘Administre sue site’, just beneath the title ‘gerenciador de arquivos’. The next screen will appear:

This screen will only appear the first time when you are setting up an account, if it is filled in once this page will not be shown again. On this page you will have to tell what your site is about. Question number 2 and 5 are mandatory, the others can be skipped. For 2 just fill in some description of your account, at 5 define the contents of your account. You only have to choose one, the choice above is ‘Erotismo’… After filling the info press on the ‘Cadastrat agora!’ button to proceed.

That’s it! The account and the file storage are now ready to be used. To proceed to the file storage page press on the ‘aqui’ link in the sentence ‘Clique aqui para começar a construir sua página.’

Uploading your files

This is the part we all have been waiting for: uploading your movies to your newly created vila.bol account! The file storage page will look like this:

As you can read in the top of the page, in an empty account you have 10236KB of storage. This can be one file as there are no limits to the file size, as long is it is at max. 10236KB! There is a string of icons to help you maintaining your folder. For uploading you need to press the icon saying ‘enviar arquivo(s)’, meaning upload file(s). If you press that one the following screen appears:

You can upload up to 5 files in one upload. Beware that the total size is also limited to the 10236KB you have. The button ‘Browse’ (‘Bladeren’ in Dutch, can be anything for you..) can be used to point to the files on your harddisk. You can also choose to which folder you want the files to be uploaded. Don’t change it, let them be uploaded to the main folder. If you have chosen the file(s) you want to upload press ‘Confirmar’ to start the upload process. Take care: after you have pressed the ‘Confirmar’ button the uploading will start without showing anything. DO NOT press the ‘confirmar’ button again but just be patience. If everything goes as it should go when the upload is completed you will be returned to the file storage page:

You see that the uploaded file has been added to the list. It can happen that something will go wrong during upload. In that case you will also return to this screen but your uploaded file will not be shown here. Only option you have then is to re-upload the file. Now it is time to post your links!

Posting your files

After you have uploaded all your files/movies to your accounts, it is time to share it with all the people at the HardCoreMovieForum. A link to a vila.bol site is build up with your accountname as part of the link. The account link will look like ‘http://<your accountname>’. All you need to do is attach your filename(s) to it. If for example your accountname is ‘hcmfrene100’ and the filename is ‘’ the link to the file will be ’’. Just past all the links into your post and everybody can download them and be very gratefull to you…

Important information concerning vila.bol accounts

There are some issues that have to be taken into account when uploading and posting vila.bol links:

-        Links are case sensitive. If you upload files with both upper- and lowercase characters you have to use the exact filename in the link. So uploading ‘GreatMovie.Zip’ and posting ‘’ will result in the file not being found.

-        Files at vila.bol seem to have a life cycle of only 48 hours at max. This is not true. Only thing that happens is that the downloads are getting blocked, most common reason should be the overwhelming download occuring on the files. As it happens after a couple of days/weeks the links can become suddenly active again. Just check the archives of the HardCoreMovieForum to see if some links still work.

-        Files posted in the ‘disco_virtual’ folder can not be direct linked. If you put the files in that folder you will have to post your account name and password with the post so other people can get into the file storage and download the file(s). Big disadvantage of this way of posting is that people get full control over your account.

-        In some regions of the world direct downloading from vila.bol is prohibited and only possible with the use of proxies and anonymous servers. This can result in people complaining about you posting to vila.bol. Just let them be, the poster decides which storage to use and not vice versa.

-        In the forum you can use the ‘Search’ function to find a lot of information about vila.bol posted over the last couple of months.

-        Pressing ‘Sair’ on any vila.bol page will log you out and you can now login with another account, depending on the amount of uploads.

Thanks for your attention

Thanks for your time reading this manual, I hope it has helped you on your way to receive poster status. This manual is written exclusively for the HardCoreMovieForum ( where I am one of the Goblins. Hope to see your uploads been posted at the forum soon!