About Vile
Name:  Ryan Vile
Born: Nov 25th 1981

Current Project (s) : 
The Wicked Ones (Bass),
Retro Terror Systems (Vocals, Guitar, Programing), Father Satan and the Legion of decency (Guitar).

Past Projects:  
SMUTt (Guitar/Bass/BackupVocals) Hyrbrids of chaos (Vocals), Malice (Guitar/Vocals), 
Untitled? (vocals), The Estranged (Guitar)

Influences:  The Exploited, Danzig, Skinny Puppy,
Alice in Chains, NIrvana,  The Misfits, Guns N Roses, The Damned, Joy Division, NIN, Marylin Manson, The Bauhaus, Gwar, KMFDM, Velvit Acid Christ,  My life with the thrill kill cult, Frontline assembly
Gibson Epiphone Les Paul special II 
Gibson Epiphone EB-3 bass guitar
B.C Rich Acoustic
TAMA rock pro 5 piece drums
Jay Turser SG
Kustom Guitar amplifer
Fender M-80 Guitar amplifier
DoD death metal distortion
Noble Overdrive
DoD Vocal Tech Processor
Fostex DMT-8 recorder
V-tech 1080 and 1050 Mics
My computer w/ sound blaster audigy live drive