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Proposed Community Garden at the Village Cooperative

Please Give Us Your Comments on the Garden!

Drawing of proposed garden
Diagram of Proposed Village Community Garden
(Click to view 11"x17" diagram)

Read the Draft Community Garden Proposal (103 kb)


The Village Community Garden Task Force proposes creation of a community organic garden for residents of the Village Cooperative Homes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The limited common area associated with each unit typically provides inadequate space and sun exposure for residents who wish to grow a bountiful vegetable garden. A community garden would allow interested residents to cooperatively share garden space in a sunny designated area within the Village.



The Task Force proposes to build The Village Community Garden at the open area on Whitewood Street. The proposed garden would have 50 plots averaging 100 square feet within ¼ acre, but the size of the garden and plots would be adjusted to accommodate as many Village residents who wish to join. The main components of the garden would be a perimeter fence, water supply system, tool shed with tools, 4 elevated beds, 2 picnic tables, and a compost bin. To prepare the garden, the soil would be amended.


The Task Force requests approval of $16,600 to fund project. The estimated annual cost to run the garden is $700, to be paid by garden user fees. Fundraising activities would be used to try to reduce the overall cost to the Village. However, if fundraising is unsuccessful, the full capital cost would amount to an average of $39 per co-owner.

Next Steps

Please send your comments on the location, design, and cost of the garden to the Village Office using the link below. Your comments, for or against the garden, will be considered in the Board's decision-making process. If the garden is approved by the Board and the project is funded, construction would begin in fall 2008 and the garden would open in spring 2009.

Help Wanted!

Due to current economic conditions, it is unlikely the Board will fund the entire cost of this project. Thus, the garden will not be build unless a volunteer steps forward to lead a successful fundraising effort. If you have experience and an interest in leading or assisting in fundraising, please use the links below to send an e-mail to the Task Force Chair or Village Office.

For more information or to send your comments

Click here if you have any questions on the proposed community garden: E-mail the Community Garden Task Force Chair.

Click here if you want to send a comment on the proposed community garden: E-mail the Village Office.

Community Garden Task Force Members

Larry Joh (Chair)

Linda Darby (Secretary)

June Escara-Wilke

Helen Fotinos

Jessica Lehr

Nan Nelson

Rowena Villarias

View or print Village Community Garden documents

Document Name PDF Size Date
Draft Community Garden Proposal 103 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 1: Community Garden Survey 20 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 2: Garden Survey Statistics 21 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 3: Garden Survey Comments 29 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 4: Garden Planner Questionnaire 30 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 5: Diagram of Proposed Garden 140 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 6: Photographs of Site 342 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 7: Pros and Cons of Locations 22 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 8: Map of Possible Locations 459 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 9: Cost Estimates 24 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 10: Potential Revenue Estimates 17 kb 1/23/08
Exhibit 11: Summary of Written Estimates 19 kb 1/23/08
Vendor Written Estimates 1989 kb 1/23/08
February 2008 Newsletter Article 35 kb 1/23/08
September 2007 Newsletter Article 17 kb 8/16/07
Initial Community Garden Proposal 111 kb 2/21/07


Photo of proposed location
Proposed location for Village Community Garden:
East side of Whitewood near Norwood
(Click to enlarge photograph)

Additional photographs of proposed Village Community Garden location (click to enlarge):

Photo 2 of proposed location Garden location looking south

Photo 3 of proposed location Garden location looking north

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