Village Community

Perth, Western Australia
The Village Community Association (Inc) draws a diverse group of people who respond to a vision of community embracing connection, solitude and reverence.  Our aim is to develop a residential community in the Perth Metropolitan area.
We see our community as a shared journey of exploration and transformation.
Our guiding principles reflect our highest aspirations as a community.

a sketch of the community

"When the stranger says 'What is the meaning of this city? Do you huddle together because you love one another?'
what will you answer? 'We all dwell together to make money from each other' or 'This is a community?'
TS Eliot

We are called to be a radical urban community centred on the sacred
We embrace diversity, including spiritual diversity
We aspire to be a prophetic community
We seek to express as invitation an inspired vision of a way of living together
We strive to be a community which is not financially exclusive, and work towards greater economic justice through resource sharing and affordable housing options
We endeavour to serve the wider world and to enrich opportunities for future generations
We commit ourselves to the journey of a shift from a culture based on materialism, domination and ownership to a culture where reverant relationships and spirit are central
We embrace our life in the world and the journey of Spirit which that entails
We belong to the Earth and the natural world.  We accept our responsibilities within its ecosystems
Our built environment will facilitate our journey and honour links with the natural world
In our commitment to mutual care for each other we intend to create a safe and nourishing space in which we can explore both solitude and relationship(s).  We seek the lightness of the dance as well as the challenge to go deep
We acknowledge a special responsibility towards the nurture of children and to honouring significant personal relationships
Our community is our home in which all generations have their place