Villanow Paintball
The markers available for rent at Villanow Paintball are the:      Model 98 and the
F4 Illustrator
  To the right is a picture of the Model  98, and an F4 Illustrator.
Model 98
F4 Illustrator
Field Fee: FREE!
*Marker Package: $15.00
Paintballs: $5.00 for 100 rounds or
500 round for $20.00
Air Refill:  varies for size

*Marker Package includes:  Paintgun, Face Mask, 12 oz tank, 100 round paintballs.
We are not a major supplier but we can get you anything you want. The ususal wait time is next day for all orders of any type, and it is factory direct so we offer the lowest prices..For additional information sign the guestbook at the bottom right hand corner and leave your name and a question.  Then check back for a response.
Thank You
Playing Time
Saturdays@10:00a.m til 1:00p.m
Playing times may very from weekend to weekend so please call and ask for playing time.
Our Mission
Our mission is to offer you extremely fun and all the while being totally safe paintball.  A word of warning to those who dont like to follow rules.  If you are caught with your goggles off you are automatically kicked out of the field and asked not toreturn again. This is so because many communities are  skeptical about the sport of paintball and are quick to use any injury of any sort to close down the local paintball fields.  So in order to keep that from happening to our field we have the no tolerance rules towards those who would jeapordize everyone elses safety and fun.  Thank You.  So please be careful what you do at home with your paintball equipment and on the paintball field so to insure paintballs future in your area.
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Where Are We?
Addresse: 1466 Pocket Road
City/State: Villanow, Georgia
"Just north of Rome and outside of LaFayette"
Phone:  397-2303 or 397-2383
Also Contact Me AT
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: xPaintballerxDho
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