Hello! My Name is Shyam as you Know. It is my personal website.

My Address is :-

Shyam Bansal, Adv., Basanti Chowk,
Setia Colony Main Raod, Sri Ganganagar- 335001 (Rajasthan) India
E-mail :

What is friendship :-

friendship is not a god given relation, friendship is a bridge between two hearts and its material is faith, love, care and sharing life. My F R :-
Sanjay , Deepak.

Wanna See Me :-

Just Click the Link Dear Friend:-     Its Me Here :)

My Favourities :-

FILMS - Mera Naam Joker, Love Story, World is not enough
SONGS - A mere Humsafar, Pal-2 Dil ke pas
ACTOR - Raj Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manoj Vajpayee, Jet lee, Tom Cruise
ACTRESs- Nootan, Kajol, Marlyin Munro
MUSICIAN-A.R. Rehman, Rajesh Roshan, Aqua
SINGER- Asha ji, Shakira, Sonu Nigam
WEBSITE- Orkut, travelmasti

My Aim of life :-

I want Love and Peace all arround. I wanna be Richest Man 'n' my name in top of Forbes Magazine. Wanna earn A LOT OF Money, biggest House to live, Many CARs ready to take me out.      All that to Live life King Size.

My Knowledge :-

I've done, LL.B., Computers

My Experience :-

I owned Ghee shop, Electric Shop, Medicine Shop, been to Government Job, Been M.R., again Medicine Shop, then Invested in Shares, last but not least Winner of lots of contests on TV also.

My Hobbies :-

I LOVE MUSIC, really like sketching, singing, crafts, Making Friends and Reading books & lots of TV

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