Consumer satisfaction is our first responsibility. To provide value to the consumer who benefit
                 from our products, we emphasize on total quality, management and integrity. We treat each
                 other with respect and trust and create an enviroment which encourages  and rewards 
                 innovation, dedication and teamwork. We are conscious of our responsibility to the society and 
                 pledge to raise the standard of living of all citizens by actively supporting any cause which is for
                 the upliftment of the society.
                 We believe that to be the best, you have to give the best whether it is to yourself, family, work or 
                 society. There is no short cut to success. Only hard work and perseverance leads to SUCCESS. 
                 When we work according to these principles, we shall prosper not only as individuals but also    
                 as a company."

                 Vimal Electronics has become synonymous with quality. Each of our products are subjected to a
                 series of rigid quality control tests before it reaches the consumer. Quality and attractive           
                 packaging  are the hallmarks of our products.