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I belive in lot of action and physical fitness. It therefore should not come as a surprise to you if I mention Cricket and Football as my favourite sports.

Ever since my school days, I have played both the games quite a lot. Of late the opportunity that I get to play both the games is on decline. I haven’t got the chance to play either of them during the last 6-7 months.


As you may be quite aware of the fact that the game of cricket is probably the most popular sport in India and the neighbouring countries. I started playing the sport when my height was less than the height of a normal size cricket bat. (Of course that time I used to play with a much smaller and lighter bat). I used to play mostly with a rubber ball as it is less painful if it hits you which happens quite often.

When I was in middle school, I used to play almost every day. I was quite OK type in bowling in my locality and similar in batting. That time we used to play with a hardened wooden cork ball in the colony park. Some of the neighbours were really *%#@ idiots and used a put a lot of obstacles in our games.

In college, we had a much bigger playground to try our shots. By that time we had graduated to a normal cricket ball alongwith the other accessories such as pads, gloves etc.

During my post-graduation at NITIE, we reverted back to a rubber ball as the space was too less and ground fairly hard and uneven. But it was really fun. The matches used to be fiercely competitive. Every player though belonging to the same group of close friends had very strong sense of pride and loyalty towards his team.

I remember having played two matches in NITIE with my right hands’ small finger under bandage after it got fractured during one of the freak incident in NITIE’s common room. Our class had two teams. One with better 11 players was called as the ‘A’ team while the other with next ranking players was called as ‘A Super Plus’ team. As my finger was broken, I could not get into the ‘A’ team and therefore decided to be a part of the ‘A Super Plus’ team.

Our team gave a very close fight to the A team and at one point of time we were fairly close to winning the match but because of one missed catch, we lost. But in that loss also it was the victory of entire class (including A team) as it showed that we all were united and had the determination to fight against the odds.





Football is one such game, I always relished playing. I have never been a ‘good’ level player of football but not bad either. I like the game because of the fact that I have watched it a lot on TV and loved the technique and game played by many great international players.


Apology: I was earlier planning to write a lot of stuff giving real knowledge stuff about both the games but because of the time and information constraints, I am unable to do the same. Nevertheless, I am sure that as soon as I get the material and time, I will do the needfull.

In case you have some stuff or links to suggest, please do write to me at my email address (given on the main page). I shall be really thankful to you.


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