My Parents
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My parents, brother & sisters gave me a family environment that made my life fairly comfortable throughout.  All of them have some very extra-ordinary qualities in them and I found that one can learn a lot from each of them.  Needless to say that except for myself, everyone else in our family is simply 'excellent' in one field or the other.
My Family Members
Relationship with me
Educational Qualification
V.P. DEWAN Father B.E., M.E. (Electrical Engg.), LLB
VEENA JAIN Sister (elder) B.Sc, MSW, B.Ed, M.Ed
VIVEK DEWAN Brother (elder) MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), DNB
VINEET DEWAN Self AMIE (Mech. Engg.), PGDIE (NITIE, Mumbai)
VANDANA DEWAN Sister (younger) B.E.(Comp Sc), MS (comp. Science)-USA
VIBHA DEWAN Sister (youngest) B.A., B.Ed
 About My Father : My father retired as Superintending Engineer from P&T department (a govt. of India department).  His main strength lies in the total honesty and integrity with which he worked all through his career.  It was his values that have the roots in myself and my brother and sisters.  We have always been at ease talking/fighting/arguing with him over any issue.

He is a bit adamant in the sense that even after we all have grown up quite a bit and in a position to give 'expert advice' to him, he overlooks that.  Sometimes I feel quite irritated/agitated over the fact that why cant he listen to others.  But I believe that certain things are out of my control.

We have got a lot many points of agreements and also certain points of 'strong disagreements'.  But then my elder brother is there who seldom acts as 'facilitator' in ironing out the issues.  My mom, though more supportive to me most of the times, does not interfere much in the 'debates' (probably she acts a bit pragmatic).

I often believe that both myself and my father enjoy fighting out/ debating out the issues else the life becomes too boring.

About My Mother : My mom has taken care of all of us right from the childhood.  I rember that she decided to shift me from one school to another when I was in class IX against my wishes as she felt that I was slipping into the company of 'wrong kind of people' in the previous school.  Today I feel that she was right.

She cooks quite well.  I don't have many memories of long debates with my mother over any issue.  Probably she accepts the argument based on its logical and factual strengths and does not have the tendency to build strong defences in favour of weak arguments.


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