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NITIE is India's undisputed apex institute of Industrial Engineering.  NITIE was established in 1963 by the Government of India with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through ILO.  The institute is an autonomous body under the ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and is governed by a board of governors comprising of eminent personalities from Government, academicia and industry.

Since its inception, NITIE has been providing optimised solutions to the complex problems of business and industry with special focus on improving productivity.  Over the years, NITIE has emerged as pioneer in the fields of productivity improvement, operations and manufacturing management, materials management, logistics and of late in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

NITIE conducts two full-time post-graduate courses relating to development of top managers to take charge of the industry.  The courses over a period of time have gained a lot of command and respect in the industry.  The courses are :

1.    Post-Graduate Programme in Industrial Engineering, PGDIE, (18 months)
2.    Post-Graduate Programme in Industrial Management, PGDIM, (21 months)

The Post-graduate Programme in Industrial Engineering, PGDIE, is the pivotal course of the institute and was introduced in 1971.  It has completed 28 years of excellence.

NITIE's Goals:

NITIE is located in the green lung natural forest area in the suburb of Mumbai.  It is around 7 kilometers from Andheri(E) on the western suburban railways and 6 kilometers from Kanjurmarg(W) on central suburban railway station.  Being located in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is well connected by way road, rail and air links.


Locate in the most picturesque of Mumbai flanked by Powai Lake and Vihar lake, the NITIE campus provides students with an ambiance that is conducive for assimilation of knowledge.  The institute is equipped with a variety of academic and related resources that facilities the learning process.  Besides high class facilities in the class rooms and labs, NITIE has undoubtedly the best of the hostel facilities for the full time students.  The hostel facilities include self-contained single seated furnished rooms and facilities like mess, canteen, sports rooms, gymnasium, common room etc.


NITIE has over 50 full time faculty members drawn from various basic disciplines.  They have diverse experience and are able to bring academic concepts to practical problems.  To supplement the academic inputs from the core faculty, NITIE has an impressive list of visiting faculty from industrial arena.


NITIE's library is considered to be one of the best with regard to breadth and depth of collection of books in the field of Industrial Engineering and general management.  An excellent collection of Indian and foreign journals is also available enabling the students keep themselves abreast with the latest developments world-wide.  This vast repertoire of knowledge which forms the focal point of pedagogy, includes

NITIE library has an arrangement by which students have the access to the books from the major institutes like IIT, TISS and TIFR on reciprocal basis.

Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (AMCE)

In pursuit of excellence in operation and manufacturing management, NITIE has set up Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.  This centre has been established with a view to meet industry requirements in the area of manufacturing and provide a technological edge to business endeavours.  The centre is equipped with


Computer Centre

NITIE is equipped with state-of-the-art computation facilities, to complement the class room pedagogy.  It has over 100 Pentium-II based workstations running on various platforms like Windows 95/NT, Novell Netware.  The distinct features of the computer centre include:

NITIE has also established a Microsoft lab in technical collaboration with Microsoft Corp.  This lab has Windows NT with Backoffice.

NITIE also has NicNet connectivity through V-Sat provided by NCI.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE) was introduced by NITIE in 1971 as a two year programme.  Subsequently, it was effectively restructured into an 18 months programme.  The programme has completed over 28 years of excellence.  This programme is accredited by the Govt. of India, Association of Indian Universities and AICTE and is at par with Masters' Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Objectives of the Programme

Hallmarks of the PGDIE Programme

NITIE conducts an All-India Summer Project Contest for the management students of different management institutes all over the country under the title Prerana.  The contest is a two day event in 7 categories such as Logistics, General Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource etc.  Prerana a very popular and fiercely contested event.  The Contest is fully sponsored by select group of 20 blue chip corporate.  It receives over 200 entries for almost every category of which 5 pass the test for the final contest.  In each category there is one winner.

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