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Mom and Me
What's going on with us, you ask?
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Rosemary - Has finally made the official move back to Vina and is crossing her fingers that she never has to move to the big city again.  Life here is slow, but happy.  She is re-learning all the best fishing spots on the River, and enjoying her time with Sage and Mom.

She is doing some work for the Kucinich campaign in her spare time, of which she has a lot of at the moment.  Anything to get the republicans out of office.
Bobbin Lace & Pond Page
Dennis Kucinich for President
For those of you who want to learn to do e-mail stationery, using psp and outlook express join Swampy and the gang, at:
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All the information you want them to know, and nothing else.
Henry M. Gunn Senior High School Alumni page:

Go Titans!!!!