Vinayaka Missions


purpose of the site


This website serves the purpose of communicating for the '95- '96 batchmates of Vinayaka Missions Dental College.

Five years is a very short time for all of us. Nevertheless, during this glimpse of time, we all have been good friends and companions to each other. Our stay in Salem will be an experience we will never forget- a treasure to live with.

Let us hope that the things we’ve learned would give us a strong foundation, enough to overcome the challenges from the expectations of the society and the materialistic world. Let us not close our hearts and minds in aspiring to reach our goals. May we always have the conviction and courage to face the problems that would hinder us from grabbing the dreams we have in our ambitious minds.

Our batch is surely a unique one-one thing we should whole-heartedly be proud of. Let us remember that our parting is just a part of our great lives- for there are many opportunities waiting for us.

Carry on, dear Batchmates! Let us go through the chapters of our life as meaningful and truthful.

May we always be inspired by the graces of God.

Enjoy your stay!



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