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I am Vinay Israni an engineering student from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra, Mumbai. A typically decdicated student in IT field. Priorly completed Diploma from well-known, BOMBAY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and schooling from P.G. Garodia Eng. High School, have come up to monoplize by being the pioneer in Online Help to engineering students.


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People for who know me know that I always give the best as for me PERFECTION IS WHAT MATTERS. This site is basically for providing you with the best of in from the Technical Filed contributed by me and my friends.

A Perfectionist in:

We have made this website for providing assistance to all the Engineering students. This involves notes, books on demand, online mock lectures and vivas by our leading professors and analyst involved in the making of group. For more you too can share your material on group This involves more than 1500 members including professors and friends from leading Software firms. So don't wait reading through rather JOIN NOW.

Its We and not just me.........
I and some of my good friends including my inspiration Principal. Sunil Gidwani have put into effort for the work to share some best things with you. If you want anything else you can surely write in feedback or can mail me at and I would reply you back asap.

All notes and many more for you all for free

Viny Rulz

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More than 1000 books [on your request through feedback]