Vincent Paul Escanlar
Lt(N) BSc(Hons) MD


Family Medicine Residency
University of British Columbia, Rural Military Programme, Victoria, 2006-08

Doctor of Medicine
Queen's University, School of Medicine, Kingston, Class of 2006

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
McGill University, Montreal, Class of 2002
Interdepartmental Honours Programme in Immunology, Minor Concentration in Canadian Studies


Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 2008

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics, 2007

Advanced Trauma Life Support, 2007

Neonatal Resuscitation Programme, 2007


Grantham Resident Teaching Award
Awarded by the University of British Columbia Department of Family Practice for resident teaching in the Family Medicine programme, 2007.

College of Family Physicians of Canada Leadership Award
Presented at the national Family Medicine Forum for "interest and skills in areas such as health care policy/economics, government/media relations, advocacy and representation on behalf of patients, peers or healthcare organisations", 2006.

Mathews Medal in Family Medicine
Presented at Convocation by Queen's School of Medicine "to the student who has exhibited the greatest proficiency in Family Medicine", 2006.

Travill Award
Awarded by Queen's Aesculapian Society "to one medical student who, by considerable sacrifice and effort, has made the greatest contribution to the welfare of all medical students or the greater community", 2005.

AMS Boyd Upper Award
Awarded by Queen's School of Medicine "on the basis of outstanding achievement in History of Medicine research", 2004.

Aesculapian Society Award of Merit
Awarded by Queen's Aesculapian Society "to students who deserve special recognition for their efforts and activities which have been considered to be 'above and beyond the call of duty'", 2003.

First Class Honours in Immunology
Awarded by McGill University for academic proficiency in the Interdepartmental Honours Immunology programme, 2002.

Morton Prize in Canadian Studies
Awarded by McGill University for academic excellence in the Canadian Studies programme, 2002.

Montreal Police Service Certificate of Recognition
Awarded for leadership in crime prevention and partnership-building between students and police, 2002.

McConnell Scholarship
Awarded by McGill University for academic excellence, 1998-2002.


Rural Military Family Medicine residency, Victoria
Rural- and military-medicine focused Family Medicine residency rotations including Emergency Medicine at Cowichan District Hospital, Gynaecology at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, Trauma Surgery at Vancouver General Hospital, Psychiatry at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton, Family Medicine at Queen Charlotte Islands General Hospital Masset and Inuvik Regional Hospital, Critical Care Medicine at Ottawa General and Civic Hospitals, 2006-08.

Surgery, Family Medicine, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry clerkship, Kingston
Rural-focused core rotations including Family Medicine at Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital, General Surgery at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Brockville General Hospital, Paediatrics at Quinte Health Care Belleville, Psychiatry at Brockville Psychiatric Hospital, 2005-06.

Radiology, Obstetrics and General Surgery electives, Regina
Clerkship electives through Regina General Hospital, 2006.

Family Medicine elective, Toronto
Clerkship elective through Mount Sinai Hospital. Served diverse, multicultural population in busy, urban clinic. Gained special experience and skills working with World War II Holocaust survivors and in-patient nursing home care, 2005.

Emergency Medicine elective, Toronto
Clerkship elective at Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals. Developed management and technical skills caring for non-English speaking patients and transplant recipients attending for emergency care, 2005.

Tropical Medicine special medical elective, Philippines
Summer observership in community rural and urban hospitals in Iloilo province. Practiced foreign-language and non-verbal communication techniques, gained clinical experience and knowledge providing care in under-developed environments, 2004.

Summer Externship, Regina
Summer externship at Regina General Hospital in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry and Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, 2003.


How Canadian political parties use health care to win elections
Research into health care as part of party platforms and advertisements during elections, under Dr Fred Cutler (Political Science) and Dr Alan Davidson (Health and Social Development), University of British Columbia, 2007-08.

Quantifying the degree of coerciveness associated with emergency psychiatric interventions, Kingston
Research into the use of coercion in psychiatric treatment, under Dr Susan Finch (Psychiatry) and Dr Kevin Parker (Psychology), Hotel Dieu Hospital. Interviewed patients, reviewed medical records and literature, analysed statistical data, 2004-05.

MedicareTM: The rise of government advertising in Canadian public health care, Kingston
Research into government marketing under Dr Jacalyn Duffin (History of Medicine), Queen's University. Interviewed government and marketing staff, performed oral and written research, 2004.

Characterisation of the impact of a Proteus mirabilis mitogen on B-lymphocyte activation, Montreal
Microbiology and Immunology laboratory research as Honours Immunology student and Summer research assistant under Dr Marianna Newkirk (Immunology), McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, 2001-02.


How Canadian political parties use health care to win elections
Paper with Dr Fred Cutler (Political Science) and Dr Alan Davidson (Health and Social Development), University of British Columbia.
University of British Columbia Family Medicine Residents Research Day, Vancouver, 2008

Quantifying the degree of coerciveness associated with emergency psychiatric interventions
Abstract and poster with Dr Susan Finch (Psychiatry) and Dr Kevin Parker (Psychology), Hotel Dieu Hospital, Queen's University, Kingston.
Canadian Psychiatric Association conference, Vancouver, 2005

MedicareTM: The rise of government advertising in Canadian public health care
Abstract and health policy paper presented at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons 2004 annual conference, Ottawa.
Journal of Clinical and Investigative Medicine 2004; 27 (4): 176

Crossroads in higher education: Setting the path to a bright future
Co-author of Queen's undergraduate students' society's report on design and funding of postsecondary education in Ontario.
Submission to the Rae Review of Postsecondary Education in Ontario, 2004

Foils in Hamlet
Analysis of characters in Hamlet, for an undergraduate-level English literature textbook.
Literature - Reading, Reacting, Writing, 5th ed. Stamford: Thomson Heinle Publishers, 2004

Ontario Medical Students' Association logo and visual identity programme
Winning entry in design competition for new logo and visual identity programme for the provincial medical students' society, 2004.

Let the sun still shine on health region logo
Commentary on visual identity and graphic communications of Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region.
Regina Leader-Post, 12 December 2002

A B-cell mitogen secreted by Gram-negative bacteria induces rheumatoid factor autoantibodies
Abstract and honours undergraduate thesis project under Dr Marianna Newkirk (Immunology), McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, Montreal.
Experimental Biology conference, New Orleans, 2002
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal
2002; (16) A1219


Medical Team Volunteer, Ottawa Marathon
Provided emergency first aid and medical care for marathoners, 2008.

Member, Vancouver Island Health Authority Regional Ethics Committee
Residents' representative to health authority ethics committee, 2006.

Medical Team Volunteer, Royal Victoria Marathon
Provided emergency first aid and medical care for marathoners, 2006.

Councillor, Queen's University Alma Mater Society
Represented medical students to university-wide undergraduate students' society, 2005-06.

Member, Queen's University Senate Committee on Non-Academic Discipline
Reviewed, oversaw and advised on residence, students' society and University procedures on non-academic discipline issues, 2004-06.

Member, Queen's University Student Appeal Board
Empanelled to judicial tribunal and appeals board for academic and non-academic discipline, 2004-05.

Admissions Interviewer and Medical Admissions Conference Delegate, Queen's School of Medicine
Assessed medical school applicants as member of three-person interview panel, addressed province-wide medical student selection conference on behalf of School's admissions committee, represented School to prospective students at provincial Universities Fair, 2003-06.

Volunteer, Kingston Police Community Volunteers
Assisted police duties, conducted community patrols, promoted safety and crime prevention as member of city police auxiliary, 2003-06.

Senator, Queen's University Senate
Assisted in review and steering of university-wide academic policy development, 2004.

Canadian Medical Association Leaders' Forum
Selected by the CMA to participate in three-day national conference on leadership, politics and local and international activism for physicians, 2004.

Member, Alma Mater Society Rae Review Committee
Identified and analysed issues and co-authored Queen's undergraduate students' society's submission to the Rae Review of Postsecondary Education in Ontario, 2004.

Guide, Queen's Mini Medical School
Toured students through anatomy museum and laboratory, explained human physiology to lay participants in Queen's medical education outreach programme, 2004-05.

Academic Affairs Representative, Queen's Medicine Class of 2006
Addressed students' academic concerns to faculty, participated in medical curriculum review, liaised with professors to improve teaching, 2003-04.

Webmaster, Aesculapian Society and Queen's Medicine Class of 2006
Designed, programmed and maintained School of Medicine student websites and, 2002-05.

Technical Crew and Marketing Crew, Medical Variety Night
Choreographed stage, lights, sound and special effects, and designed advertising, promotion and marketing for medical students' annual charity talent show, 2002-05.

Associate Editor, Queen's Health Sciences Journal
Reviewed and edited manuscripts submitted to student-published peer-reviewed journal, 2002-04.

Organising Committee member, Ontario Medical Students' Weekend
Taught technical skills seminars, planned events, designed publications and programmed website for Canada's largest educational and social event for medical students, 2004.

Lobbyist, Canadian Federation of Medical Students
Met with and advised Members of Parliament in Ottawa, reviewed political, educational and financial concerns of medical students and explored potential solutions by federal government, 2004.

Elective courses
Participated in optional non-credit electives at Queen's University in Business and Medicine, Cross-cultural Medicine, Living with Incurable Illness/Death and Dying, Medicine and Activism, Medicine and Ethics, Medicine and Literature, 2002-06.


Practicing broken French, German and Mandarin; playing piano and trumpet poorly; taking blurry or over-exposed photographs; going to films alone; reading too much law, architecture and city planning reviews when I should be studying more medicine; travelling abroad when I should be settling down; cooking blandly; cycling slowly; and running awkwardly.

24 Aug 08