Teenager Advice from a Teen

For people who feel comfortable on getting help from a teen or someone around his/her age


Hello. My name is Vincent Yu. I am a teen and I have been through many hard past times. I also have friends with certain issues as well, who I have helped a bit. I mostly read many teenager stories from real struggling teenagers.

I will be honored to pass some of what I have learned/read to you as teenagers just like me. I will also share personal stories about my past times. I知 also interested in hearing your personal story as well. The purpose I built this website is because I have learned that certain teenagers feel more comfortable talking to someone around his/her age. All you have to do is just email me what you would like advice for, I値l try to respond as soon as possible with good advice.

Please note:

 I値l try my best to respond right away. Note that I have school work and other stuff.

Anyway, I hope you値l contact me. I知 willing to give you advice on what I either experienced or read about. If you are just looking for a good friend, someone you can talk to; I will be glad to be your friend as well.


Before emailing me, be sure to read the following sections:

 Advice I will give

 Sending email to me

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