Baits & Boilies
Hi Welcome to our Bait's & Boilie's page.
Check out some of our favorite bait's
Over the years we have fished with all kinds of wierd and wonderful baits , from simple things like Bread,Corn and Earthworms to more interesting things such as,Cheese puffs!,Fried eggs and even Chicken Tikka Massala!
Here are a few of our best.
A good fish caught on peanuts
The Bait List
A simple yet very effective boilie mix:
Boilies of any flavour including:
Cherry,maple,sweetcorn,tutti frutti,banana or any other sweet one that takes your fancy.
shellfish,herring,smelt flavours
But check with your wife before boiling these!!!

Luncheon meat(spam etc.)
Prawn's (shrimp) whole
Bread,either crust or center
Dog-food mixer biscuits
Basically Carp & Catfish will eat almost anything!!!
4 oz semolina (pasta flour)
2 oz corn flour
2 oz corn meal
3 eggs
5ml or 10 drops of colouring
5ml or 1 tsp of flavouring
3ml or .5 tsp sweetner or 1oz sugar

Step 1
Sift the three dry ingredients into a large bowl.
Step 2
In a separate bowl , combine the 3 eggs,colour,flavour and sweetner and whisk briskly for about a minute.
Step 3
Now add the dry mix gradually into the liquid and mix to form a firm paste.   (You will find that the best way to achieve a good consistency is to use your hand in the later stages)
Step 4
Put a large saucepan of water on the boil.
Step 5
Roll out mix into half-inch sausages and cut into quarter-inch sections.Now roll into BOILIES!!
Step 6
When the water is at full boil, gently put the boilies into the pan about 25 at a time and boil for about 2 mins(1 min for soft,3 mins for hard)
Step 7
Remove boilies from pan(i use a chip basket in my pan for easy removal).Get water back on boil ,then add the next 25.
Step 8
Spread boilies out on a tea-towel and allow to cool for a couple of hours,occasionaly moving them around.
Step 9
Place in air-tight bags,label then freeze,these will keep for years!!
Hopefully not though,you should be out using them to catch some great big

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Our latest recipe

4 medium eggs
1/2 can mushy peas
1/2 can sweetcorn
3 oz yellow corn meal
12 oz 50/50 boilie mix
any sweet flavour 10ml

Liquidised the peas & corn
Add your flavour & eggs
Put this mixture in a large bowl
Add the corn meal and 50/50
Mix until stiff,but not dry
Roll and boil in the usual way
I boiled mine for 2.5 minutes
I made 275 medium sized baits.
Try this out for yourself.