Contact Details

Dr. Vincent J. Hooper
Senior Lecturer,  School of Banking and Finance

Room Quad 3031A
Faculty of Commerce and Economics

University of New South Wales

Sydney 2052




Honours Thesis

 Hooper, V. J. (1990). "The Efficiency of the London Traded Options Market", 
University of Plymouth, Devonshire, UK, June. 

Doctoral Thesis

 Hooper, V. J. (1994). UK and US Multinational Capital Budgeting and Financing 
Decisions. University of Plymouth, Devonshire, UK, December. Supervisor Professor John Pointon


Hooper, V. J. (1994). "Multinational Capital Budgeting and Financing Decisions",
Issues in Business Taxation. Editor J. Pointon.

Hooper, V. J. (1995). "The Utilisation of Conjoint Analysis Within a Multi-Criteria 
Decision-Making Setting to Determine the Strength of Various Influences Upon 
Foreign Direct Investment",  International Journal of Business Studies, Vol 3, No 1.

 Hooper, V. J. (1995). "Exchange Rate and Expropriation Risk in Multinational 
Capital Budgeting: A Stochastic Calculus Approach",  International Journal of 
Business Studies, Vol 3, No 2. (co-authored). 

 Hooper, V. J. (1996). "An Analysis of the Characteristics Influencing the 
Competitiveness of Emerging Stock Markets: Implications for South East Asia", New
Zealand Journal of Business, Special Issue: Trade and Investment in Asia, Vol 18, No. 1. 

 Hooper, V. J. (1996). "The Association between the Degree of Centralisation of 
Financial Decision-Making and Financial Policy of Multinational Enterprises: Some 
Empirical Evidence", International Journal of Business Studies, Vol. 4, No. 1. 


Hooper, V. J. (1998). "Volatility and Openess of Emerging Markets: Some Empirical Evidence",
Emerging Capital Markets: Financial and Investment Issues
. Edited by J. Choi and J. Doukas.

 Hooper, V. J. (1999) "World, Regional and Political Influences Upon Asia 
Pacific Equity Market Returns"Australian Journal of Management, Vol. 24, No.2 

 Hooper, V. J. (2000). "Regional Integration of National Stock Markets", Asian Review 
of Accounting, Vol. 8, Special Issue, pp. 55-65 (co-authored). 

 Hooper, V. J. (2000). "The Impact of Liberalization and Regionalism upon Capital 
Markets in Emerging Asian Economies",  International Finance Review, Vol. 1,
pp. 199-235. (co-authored). 

 Hooper, V. J (2001). "Regionalism, Political Risk and Capital Market Segmentation in
International Asset Pricing", Journal of Economic Integration,Vol. 16, No. 3 (co-authored). 

 Hooper, V. J. (2001). "Is Monetary Union Possible Outside Europe?"
International Finance Review, Vol. 2.

 Hooper, V. J. (2001). "Selecting Macroeconomic  Variables as Explanatory Factors of
Emerging Stock Market Returns"
,  Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Vol. 9, (co-authored).

Hooper, V. J. (2002). “The Explanatory Power of Political Risk in Emerging Markets”,
International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol 11, (co-authored).

Hooper, V. J. (2002). “Regional Integration of Stock Markets in Latin
America”, Journal of Economic Integration (co-authored).

Hooper, V. J. (2002). “Multinational Capital Budgeting and Finance
Decisions”, Critical Perspectives on the World Economy (Routledge). Reprint.

Hooper, V. J. (Forthcoming). "Multinational Financing in High Political Risk 
Countries", in Global Risk Assessment, Vol. 5, ed. Jerry Rogers. 

Hooper, V. J. (Forthcoming). "Washington Consensus, Emerging Economies and Company Financial Reporting: An Appraisal", Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies (co-authored).

Editorial and Refereeing

On Editorial Board of Asian Review of Accounting

Ad Hoc Referee for:

Asian Review of Accounting, Journal of Economic Integration, International Review of Financial
Analysis, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Multinational Financial Management,
Journal of Asia Pacific Economy, Pacific Accounting Review, International Review of Economics and

AAANZ, PACAP, AIB, BAA, APFA conferences

FRG and Small ARC grant applications

 Commentary and Addresses

CFO Magazine  on Regional Integration of Stock Exchanges in Asia (September 2002)