Well folks, it has been a wild 7 some odd year tide, but the fascists at geocities have decided it is to end. What to do about this? Self immolation should not be ruled out. Pain and suffering have long been an effective means of getting attention..

No, forget that. If you’re not “hep” you’d might as well be dead to these people anyway.  A small rebellious gnat squared off against an industry devoted to the most efficient means of time wasting and laziness will fare about as well as those 80 year old farmers and gold prospectors  who thought they could best Mt. St. Helens. It is a romantic crusade to be sure, but one doomed to pitiful failure and abject embarrassment. Having a dream is noble. Failing to acknowledge what already exists is delusional.

So what to do about this? Perhaps archive all of your favorite geocities websites for viewing at a later time, and return to it in the future as one would, say, with the ink stained petals of a rose given by a great love some many years ago, crushed within the pages of a tome of poetry and kept for the most part on a dusty shelf or tucked away in a bottom drawer, only to emerge when one felt so lonely in their own time that their only solace was the memory of a time long since passed, maintained by none save themselves and the stories of their own meager possessions? Yes, some of you will do this.

Others of you  will not. You will move onward, maybe to facebook or to myspace-- I understand twitter started an unsuccessful revolution in Iran, did you know that? Geocities never did that.

So drive onward. I will begin weening you now from my golden chalice of wisdom and sage advice. No longer will I tell you how to live your lives. It is up to YOU to remember the things I have written over the years, and based on these  figure out for YOURSELVES how I would tell you to live your lives. So Godspeed to you I say, until the day when Geocities is once again restored to its rightful station in this world, if that day should ever come. Until then, I say again, Godspeed