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How's It Goin'?(9/3/04)

It's been a rough year, but I'm keeping my Faith alive and I'm pulling through. Some people have bad days, bad weeks maybe, but it seems like this year has been pretty bad for me. Not to say nothing good has come of it (I have my family, my April, my health) and I hope I don't sound like I'm just whining. These past few months have been really hard to bear with... When I'm older and look back on life, hopefully I'll be able to laugh and say I learned a whole lot from the hard times.

As for now, I feel bad and sad and kinda mad. What makes me sad the most is that my money situation isn't all that great and my job situation isn't either and so I'm not able to buy stuff for April or my family and take 'em out to places. It's been pretty much fast food or eating something at each others' houses. But on a good note, I've realized something I never cared to realize before. I used to think money equals FUN and Happiness and kinda helped maintain good relationships with the people I loved. Having not so much money these past couple months hasn't at all changed my relationship with April or anyone else (Me n Apey Apes are as GRRRRRRRRREEEAAAATT! as can be). I still wish that I could give more to April than I can right now to. She deserves it! Hopefully sometime soon, but in the mean time I gotta get my act together.

Besides the money situation, the other thing that's bothering me is that I really miss the job and role I played at amc. I helped people there (staff and guests alike) and when I went home, I felt that all my hard work and dedication made a difference in this World. I felt that I helped the World turn just a little bit easier, one person at a time and that more than made up for all the crazy things that go on there and all the blood, sweat, and tears (oh yeah, customers can be mean! but I saved the sadness for home) I gave for that company, its employees, and its guests. Please don't think I was like a workaholic or an AMC nerd. My dedication was to the people (staff and guests) and their happiness, not to the company's profitability or my own reputation. Ask everyone at AMC why they enjoy working there, and I doubt any of their answers would match mine. I don't say that to discredit any of the employees there, I love them and miss them dearly and they are some of the greatest people I've ever met. A lot of them would probably say they work there cuzz it's fun and that's a great reason to work there cuzz they in turn, contribute to the fun. I'm just trying to say that I gave so VERY much to that company and now I just feel like someone they fired and don't want around. It sucks so bad because my leaving was really a messy, saddening ordeal for me. It wasn't a clean break where my leaving was in the best interest of both parties or even one party. Honestly though, I don't think I could have gotten over my bad feelings when I was there and me being away helped me get over it all and helped me realize that I had such a great thing going for me there. It wasn't like I took the place for granted, I was just extremely hurt. Anyone who knows me knows that sad feelings can really take a toll on me, my brain, and my decision making. I really miss it there. Also, please don't think I miss the "power and authority" I had as an OC. I actually miss the influence I had in peoples' lives and the person I was able to be when I was an OC.

Oh well! Enough of that. Hehehe. Phew! Took like 30 mins writing that. School is good and I'm really trying to finish soon because it'll be better for everyone and April says I need to grow up. It's late, I'll spell/grammar check this post tomorrow. It's not like anyone reads it. Haha. Oh well, I got some stress out of my head. Have an AWESOME day! Love Ya! =)

amc No More...(7/24/04)


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Hi. I'm still alive. Thanks for visiting. amc is a big joke. They don't deserve CAPS... They're So Yesterday. Hahaha. =)

Happy Monthiversary Apey Apes!(1/8/04)

Haha. I said it FIRST! I bet you won't even remember to say it when I see you later. Haha. Cuzz we're an OLD COUPLE. Ouch! Just kidding.

So how's everyone been? Good I hope. Me? I've been sleeping cuzz 6 days of 5pm till 12:30 or 1AM at work is NO FUN. It flipped my biological clock upside down! I'd wake up at 3pm, go to work, sleep at like 3am or 4, then back to work the next day. I've been trying to get myself back to regular time (whatever that is) these passed two off days. Hasn't worked very well, hehe.

April's been having jury duty since Monday so I drop her off n pick her up. Man she ruined the trip to Disneyland! SO SAD =(. Hehe. She gets paid $15 a day! "Big ballin' outta Control", right April? So in between dropping her off n picking her up, I watch tv, play games, n mostly sleep. SLEEP IS GOOD!

I dunno what's up with me lately, I don't really feel like going out. Just wanna sleep n see My Princess n chill in my room . I hope nobody thinks I'm being a bad friend, it's just that all the work time takes away from Vince time and I need Vince time to rest, play games, and just to relax. It's all the creditors faults for giving me all this FREE MONEY to buy stuff with. Who knew I'd have to pay it back? So that's why I'm at work 5 days a week n sometimes 6. It makes me TIRED n SLEEPY.


I Appreciate April/Hil Still Rocks!(1/2/04)

Happy New Year! I hope the new year is great for Everyone! I couldn't make it home from work before midnight, so I hung out with some co-workers cuzz they had a lil' shindig in the break room. I called Mom n April though and had a cool lil' dinner w/Mommy and Andrew when I got home. I LOVE My April and My Family. I couldn't ask for anything more...

Where did my manners go? It seems I forgot to thank My Princess for the WONDERFUL gifts she somehow bought me for Christmas. She gave me LOTR:Return of the King for PC (Legolas Rocks Hard!), Dawson's Creek Season 2 on DVD (Been waiting for this to come out), Hilary Duff Metomorphosis Remixes w/Poster and Screen Saver (Awww yeah! More stuff to add to the collection!), and I also received a cool Calendar that has pictures of Cats and Dogs being buddies (there's a new pic for every day!). I'm very appreciative. Thanks April! =)

Despite the atrocities that occurred on MTV's New Year's Eve Party thing against Hilary Duff while performing "Come Clean", I think she still rocks and I'm no less of a fan! I wish her stylist(s) would realize that what they're doing to her is totally wrong. I'd punch them each in the nose if I could. It's not her. The clip MTV showed of her and her family during Christmas is the REAL her. Oh well, I guess that's the industry. I'm still a FAN. And I'm gonna buy EVERY CD she has. Just watch me! =)

To my buddies whom I haven't been recently acquainted (hanging out) with, I'm sorry I've been WORKING. Working A LOT!. Bills need to get paid; quick cuzz it's too much stress for me, my mommy, and April. Maybe after the bills are paid I can have "A Day In the Sun." This song is the BEST!

All By My Lonesome Self...(12/29/03)

10 days since I last wrote! Wow, it only felt like 2 days. Hehe.. Time goes by TOO FAST (even when you're not having fun). April's been in Sacramento since last Friday n I miss her n I'm bored n not having much fun. All I do is work n chill at home. Watch DVD's, play games, listen to Hilary Duff (cuzz she NEVER leaves me by myself, just open Winamp and she's RIGHT there EVERY TIME). Hahaha. I still gotta buy a whole lot of her CD's that I don't have yet. I checked last night and there's a whole lotta Import Cd's that I need. That'll be one of my New Year's resolutions, get Hilary's CD's n be a Good Fan. HeHaHeHa.

On a lighter note, Christmas was GREAT. Not just the presents, but just having the day to spend with family n friends. Midnight Mass was cool, but those Alter Server's are FIERCE. "Go over there, you can't stay here!" =( It's Christmas, lighten up! Presents were cool. Got some nice clothes, games (Billy Hatcher, OH YEAH!),AE gift cards, and a PUPPY! OH YEAH, a Puppy. His name is Fluffy cuzz he's really Fluffy, he sleeps with me every night and keeps me warm. Thanks Kat n CyRooSe! Okay, I'll stop with the presents cuzz that's not what Christmas is all about. I'm just glad My Family, Friends and I had another Christmas to share. Thanks God!

Almost a New Year... Then the Holiday Season is over till April's Birthday. Then MINE =). I guess it's back to school n work n paying the bills. That's just life I guess. I hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! =)

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