Birthday: Sep. 24th 2001
Forever 7 months, forever happy

Flickering of one candle


Atop a birthday cake
A pain I couldn’t handle
But one I must take

Merry laughter of your brothers
Singing ‘Happy Birthday’
For you in Heaven, ever after
Here we are, there you stay

Among angels is Vincent, my love
Taking a baby’s first step
Without mummy to watch the move
Without daddy there to clap

September 24th, you are one
Celebrating with the Lord
Nothing we shall want
You are the miracle from God

This poem is composed by Chan Lilian dedicated to her baby Vincent’s first birthday on Sept. 24, 2002

His Tributes

Below are excerpts of e-mails about Vincent. There are many but I could only accommodate 7 on this website. There are also lots of verbal praises for him which we will forever remember. Not many of us adults could earn such tribute and yet a baby of 7 months like Vincent did. He is indeed special.

What the relatives say…

It is a wonderful site that you have created in memory of little cousin Vincent. He will always be our cute little cousin baby boy. Hope Yet Aun has found a better place and may God be with him forever. I'll always remember him as the cute little baby boy in the website.
- Loh Y. S., cousin brother –

Even though I have only seen Vincent once, but he is already in my heart and will be there forever. Vincent has left us for a better place and will watch over us from above.
- Chow K.W., cousin brother –

What the medical professionals say…

- The memories of Vincent are deeply etcheeed in our hearts and minds. We are thankful to you for giving us the privilege of taking care of him, albeit a very brief one, and knowing his lovely family. Vincent has endeared himself to us and touched our hearts in ways we could not imagine. We are all very sad at not being able to take care of him anymore, but I believe God himself wants to take care of him.
- Prof. L.L., PICU Care –

The spirit of Vincent, your little hero, will live on in all those who knew him.
-Prof. JdB, Paed. Lung Specialist-

…I believe that the Lord has His higher plans about healing. For He is not only the healer of the physical body, He is above all the healer of the soul. I believe that Vincent had been sent into our midst as a little angel on earth. Through him, every one of us learned lessons and through him, you've got to seek after 'The way, the truth and the life' our Lord Jesus Christ. Vincent is a God-send to all of us and he has played his role as Vincent Loh very well during his short little stay. Not many people could have done that much impact in others' life as he had within the time.
-Anne. – Physio therapist-

What people, whom have never seen Vincent, say…

… I don't even know or seen him but yet the news made my tears flow freely and I could only utter a prayer for Vincent's soul that he will be safe in the arms of Jesus. I strongly believe that he has come to show his parents The Way, The Truth and Life through Jesus Christ.
-Maria, a good friend-

… but your site is truly beautiful.... and only one of a kind as is all of ours... for each one of our sites are unique for they hold the Spirit of our Angel Babies..... I felt Vincent 's Spirit as I was going through your Wonderful and Beautiful Tribute to him....... You could almost just hold him in your arms.... and that smile I will see that smile every where I go today.....
-Lynn, e-mail friend from USA-

… but my heart goes out to her just like all mothers who had read her site. After reading through, it really makes me feel life is more than all the struggle for material gain. I should be more appreciative with those people around me and whatever I had at this moment. Life is now more meaningful. Frankly speaking, I marvel Lilian for what she has done even during this trying period and I must say A BIG THANK YOU to her for being able to touch our hearts in her special ways.
-Phoon, ex-colleague-

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Thank you and I hope Vincent has touched your heart too.


"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me"
Philippians 4:13

A special Happy Birthday wish to all who celebrate their birthday today - especially to the wonderful person who shares Vincent's birthday. Thanks for your care, time, dedication and devotion to Vincent during his 7 months with us.

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