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BASEketball Facts:

Year: 1998

Director: David Zucker

Starring: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Written by: David Zucker & Robert LoCash & Lewis Friedman & Jeff Wright

The Plot:

Joe "Coop" Cooper (TREY PARKER) and Doug Remer (MATT STONE) are lifelong friends who invent a new backyard sport, Baseketball -- a combination of baseball and basketball, where the only defense is to humiliate or "psyche out" the opponent. After its popularity increases over the years, wealthy businessman Ted Denslow (ERNEST BORGNINE) wants to buy their idea and turn it into a national sport and the guys agree.

Soon everyone's playing the new game and Joe and Doug are national sports figures. At one of their games, the guys meet Jenna Reed (YASMINE BLEETH), the comely director of a make a wish foundation for sick kids. Both guys try to hit on her, but they have bigger concerns when Denslow dies and leaves their team, the Milwaukee Beers, to Joe. Not only are Doug and an old friend and diminutive teammate, Kenny "Squeak" Scolari (DIAN BACHAR), concerned about this, but Denslow's widow, Yvette (JENNY McCARTHY), is understandably upset as well.

She gets into cahoots, however, with Baxter Cain (ROBERT VAUGHN), the owner of another team, who wants to change the league's structure to more closely resemble other professional sports where everyone gets rich. As Joe and Doug face the pressures of Baxter's offers, they must also deal with the fact that if they don't have a winning season, ownership of the team will transfer to Yvette who will surely go along with Baxter's plan.

Designed by Vincent McGreevy and Andrew Waterworth for a school project at St.Colmcille's High School, Crossgar, Darren Casement had nothing to do with this at all.