The Place To Adopt Your Very Own Sephy!!

As you walk through Shinra's levels and corridors, you
hear a music box playing the Gold Saucer theme. Finding that odd, you
follow the playful music until you stumble upon a large nursery filled
with more little Sephies than you can imagine!

Each of these little Sephies needs a loving home, so Hojo won't be
mean and experiment on them. Please, take one! Hurry!

Please adopt one of us and put us on your website with a link to this
page so other fans can adopt a Sephy, too!

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A pic of the original Sephiroth and his first clone.
(warning: male/male shonen ai content.)
The same pic with a background option.
Yet another version of the same pic (this one a full-body pic.>(warning: yaoi content (no naughty bits shown.) A Picture of Vincent. This one was created by Stone Drake. Wow! I just love how this pic looks!
Stone Drake has incredible talent and I'm honored that they'd let me
host this picture here! Thanks, Stone Drake!

Semi-Doujinshi! "The Real Reason Sephiroth Freaked Out."*
Materia City (Daytime.)
A Place that Cloud should probably avoid (see stats at bottom of pix.)
Materia City (Nighttime.)
A typical family from Materia City
The Sephiroth Reunion
A very lustful Sephy piccie
The One-Winged Angel and his newborn son
The colorized version of One-Winged Angel and his newborn son
Another colorized version of One-Winged Angel and his newborn son
Sephiroth's reincarnation at about 2 years old.

An image of Yuffie and a little Sephy clone who was abandonned by Shinra.
A cute FFVII non-yaoi dj I'm working on.
My first attempt at drawing Cid and Vincent
Sephy is too sleepy to fight.
What might have happened if Aeris had finished her prayer before Sephiroth struck her down
Another version of what might have happened if Aeris completed her prayer.
Poor Sephy! He wants his sword so badly! Too bad he'll have to
wait a few years before he can pick it up!

NEW!!! The Vocal Spotlight!
A New Collection of Anime .wav files
every day! Check back often for new voices!

Well, not really... It's just
a joke, actually... this didn't happen in the game... at least not
according to Cloud... and we all know how accurate
his memory is, don't we?

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