After teaching us about the need for and the content of our prayer, Jesus speaks about the quality of it. Some people only remember God when they undergo difficulties. In these moments, their prayer is intense because their own well-being depends upon it. However, as soon as the problem is solved, they put their crucifix back in their pocket and forget about Christ until the next problem comes. And then they wonder why God allows them to undergo so many difficulties. Sometimes we go to prayer (or Mass) out of "obligation." We are merely there, on our knees or at church, but not truly praying. It is as if we were fulfilling our quota. Who is "obliging" us? God? God doesn't need anything from us, but loves a cheerful giver. Deep down, we long for a personal and intimate relationship with our Best Friend, our Creator and Redeemer. Only God can totally fill our desire to love and be loved. We should therefore ask with confidence. If we do not receive what we pray for, it is not because God grudgingly refuses to give it, but because he has something better for us. The answer given may not be the answer we desire or expect; but even when it is a refusal, it is the answer from the love and wisdom of God. There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer. Jesus, my Lord and Savior, teach me to pray most earnestly and intently. Guide me in my prayers so that I may only ask what is of You and only for something You want me to receive. You know me from the inside out and You know what I truly need. You are my Lord and my God and I know that you only want what is the best for me. Fulfill not my desires but fulfill in me my needs, for Your gifts and blessing are abundant, bountiful and perfect. Lord in my most earnest and deepest prayer I ask, let Your will be done in my life and let my life be an example for others. Help me to grow more in love with You everyday. Help me to be more open and help me surrender everything to You! Help me let go, help me let God! Almighty God and loving Father, mold me, use me, teach me, lead me, and guide me everyday of my life. Strengthen Your gifts in me so that I am prepared for Your charge. Use me for Your glory, use me for Your will and Your will alone, have Your way in my heart and in my being. Lord, thank You for all the wonderful blessings that You have provided me. Thank You for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for being with me and carrying me during my most troubled times. Thank You for strengthening me and for giving me the courage to follow Your will without hesitation. Thank You for opening my eyes to see Your great Glory. Thank You for blessing my heart with Your love, blessing my spirit with Your Glory, and blessing my life with Your presence. Thank You, Lord! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers already! 1