"Vincents Final Fantasy Web Site"

Vincents Final Fantasy Web Site

Welcome to my first site. I hope you like it. I would be much obliged if you would sign my guestbook before you leave this site so I can know exactly what you think I need to do to make this site better. I have inluded some Final Fantasy cheat codes.Thanks. I have been updating this site a little, but I haven't gotten very many hits. I hope that you will sign the Guest book and tell me what you would like to see to make it better. Well till next time. Good bye.
Ok to make a second offical appearence on the home page I will post some site info. I have removed two of my character pages, due to the fact that they were, in my oppion to small to be posted at this time. On the other hand, I have posted a new entrie in my on-line journal. Go read enjoy, it is the strange story of my life as of a few months ago. I am thinking about going out searching for new pics, to put up on my characters page, soon to come ff7 characters pages, and maybe if your nice, and give me your feed back, I might put up some character pages on characters from ff8. Well that is it for now. Bye. :)


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This is a link to a really good Final Fantasy Site. To Bogens!!!