Welcome to Island Paws

Most pets feel more comfortable at home. Boarding can be stressful and may not be available due to location or restrictions. With this service your pet can stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home. Your pet will not only be walked and fed, but loved on and played with by someone who truly loves animals and knows how much your pet means to you.


Other Advantages:
*No need for pick up/ drop off
*Pets stay in their own environment
*All pets cared for
*Daily potty breaks for the working parent.
*Overnight stays possible

For regular customers with a key at Island Paws pet care is only a bark, meow, or chirp away.

Island Paws is a sole proprietorship operated by Lauren Rodriguez. Lauren is the only staff member and has over 4 years of experience working with large groups of animals. Licensed and Insured, ABKA board certified as a pet care technician and certified in pet first aid, also a member of Pet Sitters International. The safety and comfort of your pet is my top priority.

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