The American Dream In Hard Times
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Like most hard working and struggling Americans it saddens me to see how much greed has tainted the economy. Then it seems like a slap in the face when we bail out the ones who caused the problems while the ones suffering and struggling are not being helped. For the poor and low-income it was a struggle before the problems with the economy and now it will only get worse if something isn't done quickly. Most grievous to me is the fact that ever since I was a youth I have had the dream of being a philanthropist but I've never had the funds to manifest my dreams. Instead I find myself struggling in poverty. I often wonder if this is still the land of opportunity or has it become the land of silver spoons.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It seems senseless because we are more than able to overcome poverty in our country yet we don't make the proper efforts to help those at the bottom. Though I may never own a new car or a house because of my present conditions, it is what I have within to offer that can make a difference for an entire community. I am not saying I could save the world, or a country, or even a state, but I can help my community.

Only God's Way can truly save the world.

I don't need billions and billions of dollars to accomplish the goals of my heart. I am only seeking the opportunity that my life may not be in vain. Below is what I believe can be accomplished within seven years with an initial investment of $20 million.

The goal is to create a multitude of jobs by starting new industries in our community. It is essential that the first industry started will be able to generate large profits within a short period of time and with minimal costs. The goal of these industries is not only to create jobs and economic growth, but also to utilize the profits generated by these industries to build and improve the community. Once the working capital is set aside, all other proceeds will go toward the community through benevolent works. This mindset is what will bring us through these hard times. With the president working from the top, and each of us working from the bottom, we will meet between with strength and prosperity for all our citizens. The beginning industry chosen, which scrutinizes the ability of quick returns, is the movie industry.

Step One

The path to a better future will start by creating an independent film company called "Pillar and Base Productions, Inc.", which will produce quality movies and many other film projects. There are a few reasons why this type of industry is best suited. First, it has been proven that the right movie produced with the highest standards and marketed properly, can easily return hundreds of millions at the box office alone, not to mention DVD sales and other residual profits. Another reason for this choice is that today it is much more affordable and easier to start an independent film company and produce a quality film because equipment costs are down and graphic capabilities are endless. Another personal reason for this industry choice is that I am the author of the first films to be produced. The very first project is the culmination of twenty-five years of research. This film, "The Eyes of Revelation", is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. It is a special effects extravaganza that clearly and concisely portrays and explains the entire book of Revelation through the eyes, dreams and visions of the characters. People have heard many other interpretations before, but now they can know the full story.

This project will succeed more than anyone can imagine if it is done worthy of God and His Word. And in order to maintain the script's worthiness, I must maintain creative control with the production company. I have put half my life into this project so far, now I can only hope to put the rest of my life into it by manifesting the vision before you today. This Bible based production company will be a "for profit" business. It will not hide behind a "non-profit" rock. "Render unto to Caesar what is Caesar's." But this is only the beginning of things to come.

Step Two

With the profits from "Pillar and Base Productions, Inc" we will create a diversified, non-profit, self-sufficient benevolent organization designed to feed, clothe and shelter the poor in our area while assisting the needy to overcome poverty. This organization has been my dream child since I was a youth. "V-Incorporated Enterprises" will work hard to help people overcome poverty in conjunction with all the existing benevolent organizations in our area.

The third part of our goal is to try and bring industry back to our dying community.

Step Three

Once "V-Incorporated Enterprises" is established and working there will be funds available to bring in other industries to help the community at large. This, of course, could happen sooner if we are able to raise twice the start-up funds mentioned in the beginning of this letter (still way below hundreds of billions). The industries that follow will be "alternative energy industries". These industries will benefit the local economy and the residents directly with their products. These choices were made thirty years ago, not just because everyone else says so today. The nation is just catching up with what I have believed since 1978. And now is the perfect time for all that is within me to brought forth. But there is still more within my heart.

Surely, you can see the value of these plans to improve the standard of living for everyone involved. The fourth step continues the work.

Step Four

Once all these beneficial projects are underway and improving the community, funds will be used to create the "City Resurrection Society" which will invest in building up and strengthening our city by improving existing homes and buildings and erecting two skyscrapers downtown. One skyscraper, "Hope Tower", will be a Mall/Office building, the other, "Skyfarm Tower", will be a skyward greenhouse to provide fresh produce year round for the community. All the things proposed here will create jobs, revenue and assistance to improve our community as a whole.

There is no selfish goal in these dreams, only the hope of a better future for all. I am sending this letter out to the nation with a prayer that ,God willing, it will come to the feet of those who are like minded and have the same heart; then they will open the door to fulfill these hopes.

So let me recap my burden.

I am to looking raise at least $20 million to fulfill a seven year plan which is designed to help my community with jobs and revenue during hard times.

~~The initial investment will go toward creating an independent film company that will produce block buster movies and film projects which in turn will create jobs and revenue for our community and also raise funds for the other projects to follow.

~~The second step is to create a diversified, benevolent non-profit organization that is self-sufficient and self-perpetual in it's efforts to feed, clothe and shelter the poor while assisting the needy to overcome poverty. This organization will work in conjunction with the already existing organizations in our locality.

~~Thirdly, will be the efforts to bring in "alternative energy" industries and small businesses which will also create jobs and revenue for our community while offering the energy savings and creating products to the local community's advantage.

~~The fourth step is to initiate a society focused on improving homes and buildings in the community and erecting two new buildings downtown which will also create more jobs and revenue for the community.

As you can see, everything is a win-win situation. So, if this is still the land of opportunity, bring it on, so we can get our future started on the right foot. If you seriously want to help contact me today! Thank you for taking the time to find out what is within my soul. Be assured that everyone who helps will receive their investment back two-fold and I will place all their names in the credits of our first production.

Some may think I am not worthy of this opportunity and on some levels I may not think myself worthy, but what else do I have? Life can't get much lower for me and I know others are suffering too. This is the only way I can see to overcome. Two famous quotes come to mind...

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."
"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."

Look, I can't find a job so I have to create a job, but not just for me. I will be able to create hundreds and even thousands of jobs if someone will help me manifest the vision I hold within my heart.

In America you're supposed to dream big. That is so hard to do when everyone is trying to take what little you do have away. So is the American Dream lost? not if some respond to this letter. I believe Satan, the subtle one, is fighting against this vision because it would help hundreds of thousands. Please pray for the goals in these pages. Thank you.

Vincent Owens
(419) 709-4188

Pillar and Base Productions
C/O Vincent Owens
236 Parkway Dr.
Mansfield, OH 44906

Phil. 1:19 For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through
your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

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