This is where I've placed some of my music files. Thie files should be in mp3 format, but because of the lack of space in geocities(15 mb limit) I had to convert them into wma format.

IMPORTANT!!!!!!! To listen to the music you must have  windows Me (or higher) or winamp 2.7 (or higher) installed otherwise it wont work.

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If you went to this site directly, pls visit my main site. www.vincer.netfirms.com

Well enough talk! When you think that you've met the requirements then start downloading! I f you have any requests just e-mail me and we'll work something out!

Right click on the file that you want then save as or save link as!!!!!!

Sakura wars opening

Rayearth 1st opening

Rayearth 3rd opening

Rayearth 3rd opening (english)

Full metal panic opening

Love Hina Opening

Vandread 1st opening

Hunter X Hunter 1st opening

Hunter X Hunter 2nd ending

Pre-tear opening

Evangelion opening( rei )

Flame of recca 2nd ending

Well this is it for now but ill update soon so pls come back and as I said e-mail me your requests!!

  vincerv@yahoo.com 1