So whats the story?
The answer to that I don't even know myself. With the closure of An Phoenix last month we are now at serious crisis about where we're gonna play 'cos we seemed to have got banned from every other venue in Cork. On the bright side now that the Leaving Cert is over it'll give us a couple of weeks to practice before Kev piss'es off to T.C.D to persue his dream of becoming Ireland's first pierced and skinnheaded G.P. So the future who knows what it holds but fingers crossed we'll be back assaulting Cork Citys eardrums with our own blend of noise in the near future.

So thats for all ye who know uz.

The rest of this is for anyone who wandered in here by accident orwhatever so I s'pose I'll run the usual run of bio's, live photos, and song downloads from the first CD and the forthcoming one. Ok thats enough of me cheers to everyone here in Cork who supported us and the Cork HC and metal scenes these last 2 years. Peace.

Vince (xCCHCx)
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Ok.Finaly got around to doing this. Ten Point Rule are split up a while now. Age, commitments and distance made sure of that. I was gonna delete this site but have decided to leave it up just to remind myself of what fun it was to be 18 and in a band of slackers.
Good Times.