Welcome To Vin Diesel's Tour:
Let me introduce you to your tour guide (Miss Seductive Sally), she will show you around (The Hall Of Vin...) I do not know Vin Diesel personality. I am only a Fan , this site was created for Vin & his Fan's. I would like to Thank my Daughter for all help & skills in making this site . So quickly run , Brew your Coffee (Tea) , Grab your Cusion for your Butt, Sit back, Relax and enjoy the tour.
No one or Animals was injured durning the building of this
Official xXx Site
"Tisk, Tisk  Seductive Sally, you untie poor Riddick (Vin ) this moment....Lol"
She wanted to make sure he stayed for the tour considering the fact that he is the main attraction.
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Vin Diesel by Cannes.AT
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