Show you support for Australias finest rock act..
The Vines are one of Australias hottest musical acts. Recently, however, they got themselves into a bit of trouble which resulted in all their music being banned from Triple M radio station across Australia. This site is dedicated to fans who want to show their support and get The Vines back on Triple M!

There are a number of ways to show your support, the main of which is to sign the online petition
click here
Other ways of further supporting The Vines are listed below, along with information on exactly why they were banned from Triple M and why you should sign the petition!
Contact Information:
If you wish to contact me with any suggestions you may at
Sign The Petition
This is a section for those Vines fans who want to show a little extra support, especially those in countries outside of Australia.

It's a little things that count, right? Who knows...but why not request The Vines on Triple M? You can do that now by clicking
You can also email the following addresses
Sydney:                                 Melbourne:                           Adelaid:

You may as well send them all off at once by sperating the email adresses with comas. However I must insist that you restrain from sending abusive emails. an email like this:
Hey! I'd really love to hear The Vines' new single Winning Days!!
Love Jen.

Is gonna get a better response than:
Hey yous fucking kunts, howz 'bout you play the fucking Vinesa!!!!

More to come in the following days.