Crenicichla alta Male [25K]

Crenicichla alta Eigenmann, 1912

Group: Saxatilis

Distribution: Essequibo system in Guyana and upper Rio Branco and possibly upper Rio Uatuma in Brazil.

Type Locality: Gluck Island, Guyana

Size: 10 - 12 inches

Comments: This occasionally imported fish is similar to many of the coastal saxatilines of northern South America. This species is different from the others in its position of the humeral spot - centered on the lateral line. It has fewer white spots on its side than C. saxatilis. This is one of the few pikes that occurs on either side of the Guyana Shield, posibly due to a rainy season connection between the Guyanas and upper Rio Branco. In aquaria, it is a greedy and bold resident that can be housed with other large non-Crenicichla species. It is not particular about pH or hardness but thrives in clean water.

Described in: Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum 5; p 516-517

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