Crenicichla cincta male

Crenicichla cincta

Crenicichla cincta Regan, 1905

Group: Lugubris

Distribution: this species is distributed along the Rio Amazonas all the way from near Iquitos, Peru to Belem, Brazil near the mouth of the river. It is also found in Ecuador. The specimen shown here (top) was collected in a north bank stream of the Rio Amazonas, a few miles east of Rio Napo, Peru.

Type Locality: Marajo Island, Para, Brazil

Size: 14-18 inches

Comments: This rarely imported pike was caught (the hand-held specimen) in a narrow (2 meters wide), fast flowing stream, under a root, very near the Amazon River on my recent trip to Peru. This adult male displayed a honey yellow coloration in real life that is not apparent in the .jpg image. Oliver Lucanus of Biotope Imports Inc. in Montreal reports having seen a specimen in Leticia, Colombia that had green, orange and yellow colors on the flanks. This is a large and solitary species, based on our observation. The pH in the area was 7.2 and the conductivity was 120 uS. Pseudoplatystoma sp catfish and Puffers (Colomesus asellus) were caught nearby. Note prominent dark vertical bars and caudal ocellus. Local name is Anashua. It was also caught by some anglers seeking Cichla sp. The other member of the Lugubris group found in Peru is C. johanna, which is regularly exported.

Described in: Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1 (2); p 166

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