Crenicichla frenata male

Crenicichla frenata female

Crenicichla frenata Gill, 1858

Group: Saxatilis

Distribution: Island of Trinidad, off the Venezuelan coast. Reports of its occurrence in coastal rivers on the continent needs confirmation.

Type Locality: Western portion of the Island of Trinidad

Size: 8-10 inches

Comments: A frequently imported species that can be spawned in aquaria if pair formation is successfully achieved. Females of this species possess a unique postorbital stripe, it is black with two sandwiching white stripes above and below. An aggressive aquarium resident. Often sold as C. saxatilis. Use the above mentioned postorbital stripe as a tool for distinguishing the species. Note the saw-tooth like dark blothces along the length of the female. The collection locality, which would make identification of juveniles easy, is almost never mentioned by distributors.

Described in: Annals of the Lyceum of natural History of New York 6; p 386-387

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