Crenicichla geayi

Crenicichla geayi Pellegrin, 1903

Group: Reticulata

Distribution: Rio Orinoco system, Colombia and Venezuela.

Size: 5 - 6 inches

Comments: This species is very rarely imported. For years, C. sveni, a member of the saxatilis group was believed to be C. geayi. This confusion could have been the result of a possible overlap in their distribution. In reality, they are very different looking fish. This rheophilic species is similar to the C. sp. Belly Crawler from Colombia but has a more blunt head. Frank Warzel has spawned this species and claims it to be moderately behaved in aquaria.

Described in: Published in: Bulletin du Musée national d'Histoire naturelle 9 (3); p 123-124

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