Crenicichla semifasciata female

Crenicichla semifasciata (Heckel, 1840)

Group: Reticulata

Distribution: Rio Paraguay drainage upstream of the mouth of Rio Parana.

Type Locality: Rio Paraguay near Caisara, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Size: 10-12 inches

Comments: Occasionally imported. The most frequently seen member of the Frog Head Pikes, previously of the genus Batrachops. This is an aggressive but rewarding aquarium resident. The females of this group sport wide red submarginal bands and a red band below the longitudinal line. They lack suborbital marking and humeral spots. They are unique among Crenicichla in having the shortest snout. Aquarium spawnings are not uncommon and does not require soft or acidic water. Males of this group have small dark spots on the posterior soft dorsal.

Described in: Annalen des Wiener Museums 2; p 436

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