Crenicichla stocki male

Crenicichla stocki (Ploeg, 1991)

Group: Reticulata

Distribution: Endemic to slow flowing tributaries and ox-bow lakes of Rio Tocantins in eastern Amazonia.

Type Locality: Capuarana, Rio Tocantins system, ParĂ¡, Brazil

Size: 8-10 inches

Comments: Rarely imported. I was lucky to find this species with a shipment of C. cametana and C. cyclostoma in 1994. This is an aggressive and rather dull colored species that piques my interest but may not become established in the hobby. It differs from C. reticulata by having its nostrils placed further away from the upper lip.

Described in: Ploeg, A. Revision of the South American cichlid genus Crenicichla Heckel, 1840, with descriptions of fifteen new species and considerations on species groups, phylogeny and biogeography (Pisces, Perciformes, Cichlidae). Thesis Amsterdam; p 108

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