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Another cow pond in the middle of nowhere
Ruta 4 - Km 104, Salto, Uruguay
November 28, 2006

GPS Coordinates: South 31 degrees 07.722' West 056 degrees 59.933'.
Elevation: 368'.

Gymnogeophagus sp. Norte.
By far the most spectacular fish we saw on the trip. A similar species was making the rounds in the American hobby in the mid 1990s as Gym. meridionalis. This is most likely not G. meridionalis, a species that is supposed to be found in the northeast of Uruguay and the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.


The Gymnogeophagus sp. from this cow pond.


Misc. tetras found here by the thousands

Fish species found in cow pond at Km 104:

  • C. scotti
  • C. cf. lepidota
  • Gymno. sp. (gymnogenys group)
  • Hoplias malabaricus
  • Cyanocharax uruguayensis
  • Astyanax sp. Blue
  • Astyanax sp. Bar Tail
  • Characidium sp. Line Side
  • Oligosarchus sp.
  • Gymno. sp. Norte (rhabdotus group)
  • Australoheros scitulum
  • Australoheros cf. facetum (a new discovery at this spot)

Photos by J. Cardwell, S. Jack and V. Kutty

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