MANGA-WORLD/Four Daughters of Armian  

Four Daughters of ARMIAN
IL Sook Shin

Historical Background
487 BC, Persian was ruled by Darius I.
Armian was a small kingdom in Galdea Desert, New Babylon (now Syria and Iraq).

The Legend of Armian
Mahasibaya or the "Golden Queen" was the first Queen of Armian.
People said, she was half human, half God.
Other people said, she was a Goddess from North.
She flew in shape of a Fire Bird to Armian, conquered the tribes around.
She had eternal life and ruled for 300 years, before flew away.
Then, within generations, there would be a Queen of Armian, named the holy Re-Manu.

Prince Rihal Espakana Othanes
was engaged with Princess Shimeya,
Darius I's darling daughter.
Five years ago he met a beautiful girl
in Armian Forest. He wasn't sure,
if the girl was human or fairy.
But he kept dreaming a weird dream
recently, that's why he decided to go
to Armian.
He met the lovely Princess Swarda
and fell in love with her.


Swarda, Aspasya, Shari & Manua
Re-Manu XXXVII was dying.
Re-Manua, her first daughter, had been chosen to be the next queen, after all the evaluation.

As tradition, she fore-told her daughters' fate.
The beautiful and kind-hearted Swarda
would marry a high-class Persian guy.
The calm and kind Aspasya who had healing
ability would marry a great leader in history.
But... the Queen could not say anything
about Sharhyna or Shari's fate....

Shari was a ten year old girl
whose dream was conquering
Ryukalsiba, the golden-haired horse.
All men of Armian had tried to conquer it
without any success.
Shari had tried so many times.
She was badly hurt last time, 
one of her bone was broken, 
but that didn't mean she stopped trying.

After her beloved mother died,
she felt so sad,
she decided to do something to make
her mom happy,
so she tried to conquer Ryukalsiba
whatever the cost was.

she came with Ryukalsiba
on the day the old Queen was buried.
All these years, her mother had painted
her hair black color
so she would be the same like the others.
This time, the black color had gone.
She came with the horse, 
both with long golden hair.
The golden hair reminded Armian people
of Mahasibaya....

Re-Manua had been elected as the holy
Re-Manu and now she could open her veil.

Prince Rihal was shocked.
On the day he would ask Swarda to marry him,
he realized, that Manua was the beautiful girl
she met 5 years ago....

Manua didn't care of Khenes who loved her.
She chose Rihal as her holy-mate
(the first time the Queen would sleep with).

How would she rule Armian?
She put a dirty trick on Shari,
so Shari must be sent away from Armian,
cause Armian's tradition didn't permit
two princesses with same supernatural power.
(Aspasya had only healing power,
it wouldn't effect the throne).
Hand tied riding on a horse, 
Shari was sent to the desert.
Did Manua hope Shari to die, or didn't she?

Swarda committed suicide.
Aspasya tried to rescue her, 
though her breath had stopped.
Manua transferred her power to Aspasya.
Rihal didn't want to marry Manua,
as the governor's plan.
But Manua put a spell on him in her magic forest.
Rihal decided to break his engagement.

What's Manua's plan toward Persia?
Who would be Swarda's husband? But could she ever forget Rihal?
Would Michael or the spirit of Ryukalsiba, who had decided to be the guardian of Shari,
have enough time to save her, after he was captured and much later released by Manua?
Why did Eilius, the Destructive God came to see Armian that day,
on the day he met Shari and Michael?
What would Darius I do, if Rihal tried to break his engagement?

could Shari ever get the Feather of the Fire Bird
so she could come back to Armian?

This is taken from vol 1-3. I don't plan to add
further story, cause it will give away too many spoiler ^_-




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