Softly, softly into darkness / the darkness is in us all (img)

Do you ever walk down a street and feel something behind you? Look up at the moon and feel like howling, feeling something pass over you like some dark shadow and then pass just as quickly? Have you wondered, safe by the firelight sipping cocoa or tea, just what exactly is outside that window? What makes that awful noise into the black night? Did you watch horror flicks and read fantasy novels or delve into scifi just to try to grasp the evil that's out there?

Have you ever found it out?

Peruse if you wish through some poetry and notes on the darker side of things from depression and suicide to vampires. Enjoy.

Poetry of darkness Darker Poetry
Poetry is always fun. A cheap way to
get a literary thrill
Comments on Vampires
Some things about vampires that
I find interesting when talking
about them to others.
Care for some notes? Notes on Vampires
Fairly boring actually.
Nothing here yet.

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I've already fallen off of the wings of madness. Careful that you don't as well..