The Shadow Falls

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I started it site a long time ago...well over six years now and the vision I have for this site has never been (and probably never will) realized. The Realms of the Dragon pages that were always on my main webpage has now been dumped here. The BUFFY and MISSION GENESIS sections have been thrown into my NBCI site because they are useless and won't ever be updated, corrected, anything. But as some nostalgia, my NBCI site will still host those old, rather badly done, fan pages. There might be mistakes in the tranfer, but I don't care. :)

The URL of this site is: Have fun romping through them and try to remember to keep in touch with the dark side.

Something wicked this way comes Darkness
A world of darkness around us..
This site's original focus, now lost in a sea of commercialism.
A lot more about darkness in general (some poetry etc) than
just vampires as before. *shrug*

Realms of the Dragon Pages
Now, the main location of my old DK pages, logs and etc. The druids site has it's own url: No page is updated anymore.

Azrael's Celestial Temple
Angels, Tragedy, Heroism ... all in one comic. Hasn't been updated in a while. A project for the future.

Site Credits
What I've used, etc.

No more webrings now. :)
No roses for me..send me thorns.

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