IFWF Match: Sunny McKay vs. Red Sonya (TV Title) 
Red Sonya: 5'6", 119 lbs., 29 y/o. long red hair, blue eyes, Cork, Ireland 
Sunny McKay: 5'7", 128 lbs., 22 y/o, 'big' blonde hair, blue eyes, Grafton, Australia 
"Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins plays and beautiful young Sunny McKay slithers out 
from behind the shimmering silver curtain then makes her way down the ramp toward the 
ring. She's wearing her signature outfit; that 'barely there' leopard print mini-thong bikini. 
- the one with the tiny leopard print patchh in front held up by a string between her legs, up 
the crack of her butt and over her hips. There's two smaller triangles covering the tips of 
her small but firm and perky breasts that are held together by a string that goes round her 
back and over her shoulders to the cups. She's barefoot as always. 
Sunny's accompanied by her mother and tag team partner, Ginny McKay, who's decked 
out in a tight little yellow micro- and matching single button jacket that shows a black 
bustier underneath. She's got a pair of platform hi-heels that give her (dare I say it?) a 
kind of slutty aura. 
The crowd's booing but it's hard to tell if the boos raining down are aimed at Sunny or are 
directed at her mother a woman who used to be one of the IFWF's "Good Girls" but lately 
seems to have turned a bit. Maybe it's for both of them. Sunny has always been 
controversial and outspoken as you'll hear in this brief snippet of an interview we did with 
her just a short time before we went on the air... 
INT - "You've wrestled Red Sonya before and lost. Any hints what your fans should look 
for in this match?" 
SM - "Yeah, watch me pull that 'red' hair out by it's black roots. I owe her big time for 
that last match. Hey, I had her beat until the end and she knows she was damm lucky to 
get out of it with a win. You haven't seen her challenge me since have you?" 
INT - "On another matter. Since you came back to the IFWF, I've noticed you and Ginny 
don't seem to be the crowd favourites you were before. Any idea why that is?" 
SM - "I'm sick and tired of the fans booing whenever Mom or I show up. HEY, JUST 
SHUT-UP! These rubes don't appreciate real beauty, in the ring or out of the ring. Look at 
this body (posing) Is this the real deal or what? The fans are just jealous of our looks and 
our success. GET A LIFE YOU CLOWNS!" 
There you have it. Sunny McKay is NOT pleased by the receptions she and momma have 
been getting and it continues here as they reach the ring. People are booing and throwing 
wadded up paper and Coke (tm) cups at them. Sunny steps through the ropes as Ginny 
waits on the apron, scowling at a group of teenagers trying to peek up her short shirt. 
A few of their "fans" have signs like these. . . 
(Camera pans to a row of signs several fans are holding: "Had Ginny Mac/In the 
sack/Fifty Bucks/Bought her crack/BurmaShave") 
Or that one. (A drawing of a blonde lying on her back, legs and arms spread. For eyes are 
+ +. The caption: Sunny Side Up) 
The lights dim and the arena erupts in a shower of fireworks. "Limelight" by RUSH starts 
to play as the IFWF Television Champion, RED SONYA's entrance music starts. The 
crowd starts to get riled up when Red Sonya doesn't come out right away but her name 
and a picture of her winning the TV title is flashed across on the big screen and they go 
wild! It's a minute into the music before Red Sonya finally appears to the roaring cheers of 
this partisan crowd. Everybody's on their feet screaming her name while the McKay's do a 
slow burn in the ring. Sonya takes her time getting to the ring, greeting her fans and even 
stopping to get a picture taken with a young man with crutches in the front row. She takes 
a quick glance at Sunny but generally she ignores her until she's in the ring. 
While Red Sonya's making her way to the ring, here's what she had to say about Sunny 
McKay in an interview in the dressing room just before the match. 
RS - "I see you came back for more, Sunny. You want another beating at my hands? I 
guess two years ago you wasn't enough for you. Well, since this match isn't for my IFWF 
Television Championship, I'll take it easy on you. I wouldn't want to make you look bad in 
front of your 'fans'. Ha-ha-ha!" 
Red Sonya's wearing the IFWF Television Championship belt with her leather Amazon 
outfit. A leather sports bra, leather skirt, leather knee high wrestling boots, leather arm 
bands and a leather head band. Once she's in the ring, she slowly removes the belt, folds it 
and hands it to one of the ringside guards. Then she unwraps her leather skirt to reveal 
the leather thong bikini bottom she'll wrestle in. What a sight these two women are as 
they walk around the ring waiting for the match to start, both with their long, powerful 
legs and well-developed upper body. Although Red Sonya is almost 10 pounds lighter 
than Sunny, her seven more years of experience may be a critical difference in this 
There's the bell and the match is underway! Right off the bat, Sunny and Sonya tie up 
mid-ring as each woman wants to impress the other with both her strength and her 
willingness to mix it up! Sunny pulls Sonya into a side headlock using a handful of hair to 
help her out, then she turns on pressure to the redheads skull. Sonya's hands are on 
Sunny's hips, she's twisting and turning - trying to pull free from the hold. Finally, she 
shoves Sunny into the ropes and, as the big-haired blonde rebounds, Sonya drops and 
executes a double leg takedown that sends Sunny to the mat on her belly! 
Sonya rolls up Sunny's legs into a double toe leg lock that has the blonde slapping the mat 
in frustration and pain. The redhead really is working the blonde's legs, throwing her 
entire weight, all 119 pounds, into the hold. But she gets a little too enthusiastic and gets 
careless. Sunny grabs a handful of her red hair and pulls until Sonya has to release the toe 
hold. She falls backward to the mat beside Sunny. Sunny's up quickly, pulling Sonya up 
by the hair then whips her into the corner turnbuckle! 
Sunny follows up, running at Sonya full bore and throws herself into the redhead. It's a 
chest-to-chest, belly-to-belly, upright corner splash - but nobody's home! Sunny crashes 
into the turnbuckle full speed and knocks the wind out of herself as Sonya steps aside at 
the last second. Sunny slides down the padded turnbuckle on her knees as Sonya turns 
around and uses both hands to dig into that wild mop of golden hair of Sunny's which she 
uses to pull her up on wobbly legs. 
Sonya turns Sunny around and slams her back into the turnbuckle, chopping her chest, 
upper torso and throat with a series of open-handed chops that echo through the silent 
arena. Sunny's firm young body wilts under the barrage of blows until she's sitting on the 
middle rope in the corner with her head down, draped over the ropes. Sonya bounces on 
the balls of her feet and wiggles her bottom as she reaches down and takes Sunny's ankles, 
lifts the blonde's legs and starts to pull. . . Sunny holds the ropes as her body is stretched 
out parallel to the mat. Sonya leans back, using all her weight as she digs in her heels and 
tugs. Sunny's hands slip off the ropes and she slams to the mat on her back. Looks like it 
knocked the wind out of her momentarily! 
The redhead immediately plants her foot between Sunny's thighs and twists Sunny's leg 
around hers in the classic step-over toehold. What a championship move that was! Sonya's 
really wrenching Sunny's leg and the blonde is in pain - it's etched on her face if the sound 
of her moaning and slapping the mat isn't proof enough. Sunny reaches back over her 
head trying to grab the ropes and force a break, but they're a bit too far away. Meanwhile, 
Sonya keeps twisting her leg, even tossing in an occasional kick to the back of Sunny's 
thigh when she finds time. 
Finally, seemingly in frustration at her daughter's plight, Ginny leans under the bottom 
rope, grabs Sunny's hand and pulls her close enough to reach the bottom rope. The referee 
sees Sunny holding the rope and orders Sonya to release the step-over toe hold. She does, 
grumbling, and backs off to allow Sunny to pull herself to her feet. She flexes her leg as 
she walks around, one hand on the ropes, stretching out those aching muscles and buying 
time to collect her wits. 
As they circle in the middle of the ring now, Sonya bends low, her arms in front of her 
sweeping at Sunny's legs. Looks like that's her plan, attack Sunny's legs; powerful 
weapons in which she's caught and crushed many opponents will as well as their bodies. 
Sonya dips low and wraps her arms around Sunny's left leg, lifting it. Sunny bends over 
Sonya's shoulder, grabs the back of her leather sports bra and holds herself up while she 
bangs away at Sonya's face with her other hand. The referee steps in and warns Sunny 
about 'hitting with a closed fist' but she ignores the warning and hits Sonya again. Sonya 
goes to her knees and loses her grip on Sunny's leg. 
Sunny uses Sonya's top to fling her face down to the mat. She drops an elbow to the back 
of Sonya's head and it hurt the redhead. Next, Sunny grabs Sonya's wrist and twists her 
arm, forcing the leather-clad warrior to scramble to get to her feet. Sunny turns the 
wristlock into an armbar, forcing Sonya to bend over as she works on that arm. Sunny 
walks Sonya around the ring, showing her off like a prize possession, all the time twisting 
and wrenching her arm. 
Sunny gives the arm a last twist, ducks underneath as she turns and levers it up into a 
hammerlock. Sonya's body is forced up on her toes to relieve the terrific pressure on her 
elbow and shoulder. Sonya's free hand slaps at her shoulder as Sunny talks to her, 
taunting as she leans against her back and applies still more pressure. Perhaps in 
desperation, perhaps using her veteran wiles, Sonya reaches back over her shoulder and 
grabs a handful of Sunny's blonde mane with her free hand, then drops to her knees 
pulling Sunny's head down onto her shoulder. Sunny's chin hits Sonya's shoulder and she 
bounces off, landing on her back and losing her grip on Sonya's arm. 
Sonya rolls over and gets to her feet, swinging her arm and rubbing her shoulder as she 
walks around Sunny, shaking her head against the pain she must be feeling. As Sunny 
tries to sit up, Sonya stomps her chest, slamming her back down on the mat to buy herself 
a few extra seconds to recover. Sonya stomps Sunny's thigh, then kicks her in the behind 
as she tries to get up. Sunny finally rolls out of the ring, at Ginny's urging, to take time to 
recoup and recover. She limps around the outside of the ring in whispered conversation 
with her strategist-mother Ginny while the referee counts. 
Sunny climbs back up the stairs to the ring and re-enters just as the count is about to 
expire. She slides sideways, no longer moving with the fluid dancer's grace as she did at 
the start of this contest. She's slowed noticeably. While Sunny's circling, Sonya lashes out 
with a kick to Sunny's knee with her boot. Sunny yelps in pain as her knee buckles and 
grabs it with both hands. Sonya's on her like a flash! 
Sonya tackles Sunny around the chest and they crash to the mat with Sonya on top. 
Sunny's hands are trapped between them, unable to defend herself as Sonya wedges her 
feet under Sunny's legs and then hooks her ankles. Sonya's caught her in a bearhug-
grapevine combination. The grapevine is the hold she told us yesterday she wanted to use 
on Sunny. Now she's got her and it's a battle of legs to see who's will can prevail. Sonya 
starts to spread Sunny's legs, but the tough young blonde fights back, resisting. You can 
see the corded muscles in both of these proud young women's legs as they struggle for 
Every time Sonya starts to spread Sunny's legs, Sunny fights back and puts a stop to her. 
You can see their bodies strain as each tries to bend the other to her will. Slowly, almost 
imperceptibly, Sunny's legs are being forced open. Her face is red, both because of he 
bearhug Sonya has her in and the strain of trying to keep her legs together (something 
neither McKay is rumored to have much success doing.) 
Sonya looks up and grins at Ginny who's slapping her hand on the apron and screaming at 
Sunny to resist. But it's no good, Sonya's winning this battle. Slowly, she's spreading 
Sunny's thighs open further and further. The fans on that side of the ring are all standing, 
leaning forward and leering up between Sunny's quivering tanned thighs as Sonya parts 
her like the "Red Sea." 
Sunny's little leopard print suit is being swallowed up, but that's neither here nor there - 
it's her legs that are taking a beating tonight. Now, Sonya has her split wide open! You 
can hear Sunny groan as Sonya crawls up her body, wedging Sunny's trembling legs open 
just a little bit farther with every powerful thrust of her hips. Sunny's head tilts back, her 
eyes close as she fights against the splitting pain in her groin. The referee asks Sunny if 
she submits, but she rasps out, "No!" then moans as Sonya gives her legs another twitch. 
Suddenly, Red Sonya cries out and rolls off of Sunny. She grabs her own leg - it's a 
cramp! Just when it looked like she was going to make McKay submit, Sonya fell victim 
to a cramp. She's writhing on the mat trying to massage the cramp out while a few feet 
away, Sunny lays curled up in a fetal ball with her hands between her thighs. They're back 
to back in the middle of the ring, neither knowing how close to a win they are with their 
opponent hurt. If either one would just roll over, they could pin the other without a 
problem. But no! They both go to the ropes and Sunny rolls out of the ring to get some 
relief from Mommy while Red Sonya pulls herself to her feet and tries to work out her 
Sunny can barely stand and Ginny has to hold her with her arm around her waist as she 
walks her back and forth to get her legs back while up in the ring Red Sonya leans over 
the ropes and yells at Sunny to, "Come back and finish what ya started!" 
With the referee counting down, Sunny trudges back up the stairs to the apron but Sonya's 
right there in her face. Sunny tries to come through the ropes but Red Sonya slams her in 
the chest with her forearm and nearly dumps Sunny back down to the floor. She barely 
manages to hang on to the top rope. Sonya lunges at her again but Sunny pulls back. . . 
and Sonya grabs Sunny by the hair and pulls her in right over the top rope! 
Sunny somersaults through the air and crashes to the mat flat on her back. Sonya 
immediately goes after Sunny's legs again, setting her up for . . . the figure four! 
She locks it in and Sunny's crying as Sonya really rears back. She stomps her boot in Sunny's crotch, 
then bends one leg over the other. This could be the match! Sunny's too far out in the ring 
to reach the ropes and Sonya has it locked in tight. She's working Sunny's leg for all she's 
worth and every time she hauls back, Sunny's head and shoulders jerk up off the mat, 
her fists clenching as she screams in pain! 
Sunny paws at Sonya's legs but whenever she puts her hand on Sonya's leg, the redhead 
increases the pressure and Sunny flops backward as she collapses in pain. The referee's 
checking with Sunny, she's shaking her head 'no...' Red Sonya lifts her hips and slams 
her bottom down on the mat. Sunny screams in pain and babbles something to the referee. 
He's waving his arms in the air; it's over! This match is over! Sunny McKay submits!! 
The winner, by submission, the IFWF Television Champion . . . Reddd Sooooooonya!!! 
Stay tuned for the next exciting match, coming up right after this word from our sponsor, 
Maddel, makers of the official IFWF Action Figures.