What is an Independent JAG Archive? Simply put, if you write fanfiction and you have created a webpage of just your material you have an Independent JAG Archive. If you know of an Independent Archive or operate your own archive please let me know, and I'll add them to the list. I want to make available stories that are not archived by places like Ex Libris or Shipper Archive (but check them both out if you haven't, because many great authors are archived there).

The arrangement is slightly willy-nilly, but not quite. The first table is of Virtual Season authors from the last three seasons. The second table is of authors I've read and loved. The third table is of authors I don't know all that well (and I should be ashamed, I know).

Virtual Season Authors (Past and Present)

Lifelines (Susan and Selena) Aerogirl Dress Whites and Roses -- Tracy Mallon
TC Amlin Lauren Metal Knipp's Nook
Chris Gomez Annie & Pat (No "adult" content, despite Yahoo's warning)

People I know and love

Dog Tag Tales (Jori and Mojo) Fanfiction by Celia Stanton Sarah Brown
JAGfanfic by Celli Charlestonian Romantic Dreams, Lies, and Other Truths
Ali Cherry Kay's Fanfiction Laurel's JAGSite
JAG Smut Sisters

People I admit I don't know as well as I should

Admiral's Private Quarters (Sylvie) Jess' Off-Ramp JAG Stories (Rachel TenHaaf)
On The Wings of Love The JAG and XF Connection (Rorie) Melina
Harm & Mac JAG Fanfiction Ava's JAG Fanfiction JAG-Online.de (Sammy)
C. Rene's JAG Heaven Sagadog's Page Rising Sun
Tsarina Smith AT JAG (Anne Taul) Stacey
Meg Fanfiction Brandy Snifters & Warm Fires (Felicia Ferguson) Alekater's JAG Page
Valerie's JAG Fanfiction Masumi Marine Daenar
Sheri Andrea (Her's are the first 3.) Astrid

Lily's site has become a members only Yahoo!Group. This link will only be here about week, because I'm not in the habit of linking to things that are going to be a hassle for you.

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