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My name is Victoria Walsh and welcome to my website. This is my second attempt at an unassisted design (no DreamWeaver), previous designs were done 'by hand' the old fashioned way. Note that this is best viewed with a resolution of 1024 x 768, I haven't made the changes so it looks good for other resolutions, yet.

I have been training in Shito Ryu Karate for, wow, 15 years now and have a BSc in Electrical Engineering as well as a Computer Science Certificate. As well I managed to complete 2 years of a BA in Drama (Voice & Speech) way back in the days of the dinosaurs. I've traveled to a few countries, lived in Costa Rica, and plan to visit more in the hopes that I will eventually figure out where I am. Maybe sometime I will add a .pdf of my resume, for anyone who is interested.

I would like to stress that the opinions and views expressed in my Costa Rica Stories are completely my own and are not associated in any way shape or form with any professional or personal association or any person I have ever met. Call this a disclaimer or anything you like, but I have no wish to offend anyone (I know, how Canadian of me).

I do not collect any personal or public information on this site nor do I employ the use of cookies. There's really no need for me to get info about you, this is all about me. Narcissistic n'est pas? If I do ever include such things they will never be used for any nefarious purpose and shall remain within the security of my web page host's server.

In case you need a very, very short break you can read my blog: Victoria's Blog

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