Long term MV enthusiast from Norway , Rolf S Ask , recently aquired this rare C4 mk 2  15 cwt . Rolf suggests the vehicle may have served in a fire brigade during its post war career . Rolf is planning a full restoration , he knows of more C4 models surviving  in Norway , and one or two CS8's .
The 4 cylinder engine is clearly seen here . The firewall mounted box is a post war mod , its function is unknown.
Rolf has mentioned that the C4 pictured below , was found in a barn . The vehicle is destined for the Norwegian defence museum , it has been re bodied with a enclosed van style body . Were these C4's a part of the post WW2 Norwegian army fleet ? Rolf writes that the C4's would have been disposed of early on .
Pictured are the remains of a 6 cyl CS8 . This vehicle may have been a ex German Wermacht vehicle , captured after the 1940 BEF retreat and then, possibly used in Norway .
Another Norwegian C4 , this time a restored example