Melbourne, Australia

Last Updated 04 July 2000

Who are We?

The VK3RSE user group is a loose group of Radio Amateurs who use the VK3RSE repeater in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
We have no formal structure!  The members regularly meet for a drink or two at the Mountain View Hotel to discuss Amateur Radio.
It must be the lack of any formalities that make the group an enthusiatic lot!
The callsign VK3RSE stands for Repeater South East.

What/Where is the Repeater?

The repeater is located on a hill in Glen Waverley, in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
It is on the 70cm Amateur band.
Input Frequency:  434.375MHz
Output Frequency: 439.375MHz
Power Output: 50Watts
Base Station: Simoco PRF1520
Duplexer: Polar Bandpass
Antenna: 4 bay vertically polarised dipoles.
Coverage: South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Typical Formal VK3RSE Meeting Preliminaries: (VK3BF, Allan and VK3UI, Bob)

Click Here for Photos From RSE meeting December 1999

Click Here for Links and Other Stuff

Click Here for RSE reflector and other stuff

Click Here for Photos From RSE meeting June 2000

Some of the RSE Users (by no means all!)

VK3JDA, David
VK3JED, Tony
VK3URB, Richard
VK3ATJ, Terry
VK3CKH, Chris
VK3NM, Lionel
VK2TWO, Andrew
VK3ZPF, Peter
VK3TVB, John

VK3UI, Bob
VK3QA, Howard
VK3NH, Noel
VK3YY, Glenn
VK3EM, Luke,
VK3WWW, Jack
VK3JDN, Norm
VK3ZEP, Norm
VK5SFA, Stevo  (Yes its a real callsign)
VK3XSW, Warren
VK3TEN, Gordon
VK3XDR, Dave
VK3BKM, Brian
VK3BKR, Roger
VK3TAS, Steve

Hey, if there is any more, mail them to, we can put email addresses here too.

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