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We breed quality, purple ribbon, purebred, blue nose APBT's.  Our sire, 'PR' Chief Kapua Pua (Blue Fawn White) is U.K.C. & A.D.B.A registered, and our dam, Marisa's Pretty Blue Vega (Blue White) is A.D.B.A. registered. 

Our goal is to establish a bloodline of dogs whose genetics combine the bloodlines of the older generation of APBT's and the newer generation of APBT's.  Hence, resulting in a dog who is both athletic and muscular, with great gameness and strength, an excellent temperament, while maintaining the show form regulated by registered authorities such as the
U.K.C. and the A.D.B.A.


Plumbers CH Alligator
Crenshaw's CH Jeep


We are currently accepting applications for our litter scheduled for the Summer of 2007.  Deposits will be taken upon approval of applications.  In addition, we will not breed unless our buyer list is full.  If you would like to become a buyer, please contact us for an application.

All of our pups are registered through the American Dog Breeders Association and receive all the quality care and upbringing that will prepare them to enter into your home.

Backyard breeders have contributed to the ongoing ruin of the APBT breed.  Their negligent, money hungry breeding has associated this wonderful dog with poverty, crime and newspaper headlines. They are unknowledgable breeders, that produce human aggressive, ill tempered dogs.

If you are interested in purchasing an APBT, please make sure you research the breed and choose the breeder you purchase from carefully.  Remember, OWNING A PITBULL IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  This breed requires your time, loving, and understanding of the breed.  A responsible breeder is very selective in who they sell their pups to.

If you are not interested in a pups bloodlines and structure, and if you are accepting of VARIABLE temperments, please consider adopting one of the many pit bull mixes at your local animal shelter.

The APBT was originally bred on the British Isles in the 1800's -- particularly for bull baiting.  Immigrants brought their APBT's to America and the dogs were prized as an all around farm dog and frontier guardian.  Being that farm owners worked throughout most of the day, family APBT's were entrusted for the care of the farm worker children!  The APBT was even the mascot for our great nation during WWI - they were the icon of strength and bravery.

With all unfair press that is associated with this breed today, please take a moment to view this online presentation. 
CLICK HERE (The graphic nature of this presenation may not be suitable for young children).