"Judge not for you shall be judged"
Jesus Christ

Hello everyone and welcome to my homepage...Nasia Konitopoulou is now on top of our page...clicking on her will take you to her webpage.
The background picture is from Durham wirh my friend Sina some time in March 2006 in the Che Vita restaurant in Durham.
Joao's website is first in the links' section
The "MusicRoom" is a compilation of interesting music links while the "Movies" link is referring the visitor to some interesting movie- websites. The Hellenic Division link is one of my first homepages and as such it has been left intact much like it was four years ago.

If you would like to contact me, please use the e-mail address down there on the right; I would be happy to hear from you!

Thanks for your time!

"Help yourself and God will help you"
Joan Of Arc

"Come and take them": Leonidas,King of Sparta (one of the two) and commander of the Greek forces in Thermopyles (480 BC) when asked by envoys of the Persian King Xerxes to surrender their weapons

Nasia Konitopoulou
My Favorite Links:
Hellenic Division
Joao The Best
Music Room
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