Happy Jack's 2004 SeasonJack and Roy Training

                         Jack and I have been working hard all summer to polish  his style.
                         After several set backs in attempteng to obtain chukars to rear,
                         we were able to obtain some peigons. to use in training.

                        With hunting season  beginning in September, we were able to get
                        out after quail. The opening day was good to us with several points
                        and we were able to tag 6 birds. The remaining weekends of Jack and Taran
                        September we were not as successful, but we were able to get
                         into the field and able to find several coveys each  time out.

                         My son, Taran, a friend and I were lucky and got drawn to hunt
                         Sage Grouse in the Streen Mountains. The scenery was fantastic
                         and the experience closely matching. In two days, we were able
                         in successfully in filling out tags of 2 grouse each. The dogs
                         worked well and gained lots of experience. Jack worked fast and
                         hard finding a flock of grouse when the pointers we were hunting
                         with had headed to the truck. We chased the flock and Taran wasTaran and Verlin with Sage Grouse
                         able to tag one. Note the photo that Taran has no shoe on. He also
                         headed to the truck, taking off his shoes. When Jack went on point
                         he was shoeless and he followed the dogs over a mile to tag his first
                         sage grouse.

                        October took Jack and I to Deer, Elk, and Grouse camp. Bare Foot Boy
                        Needless to say, we tagged many more grouse than any thing else.
                        In fact I ate so many grouse that I craved  something else for
                        dinner. We worked on style to get Jack to hold on point, but
                         grouse do not coperate. During the weeks we were there,
                         Jack found over 100 grouse. Coming home was disappointing to
                         Jack, because we did not hunt every afternoon. The
                         photo shows one of our successful afternoons. By the By, we did
                         get an elk.
                         Jack will be getting a half Jack and Grouse brother in February. If you want to
                         get a great hunting partner, checkout Grouse Mountain Brittanys

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