Vivekananda Kendra




The entire spectrum of the cultural epochs of India from the earliest period to this day is presented in this volume.



This book with over 800 pages, 19 multicolour and about 200 black and white photographs and about 300 line drawings is well received among the public. This commemorative volume is a joint effort of a galaxy of eminent scholars from all over the world. In this book besides Indian authors of  eminence, luminaries of the scholarly world of Europe, America, Russia and Asia and His Holiness Dalai Lama have presented a panorama of India's cultural pageant beyond her frontiers. The diffusion of India's cultural immensity over the vast expanse of Asia and other continents is a glorious epic of human achievement in the domain of human thought and its expression in space and time. Less known is the fact that Hinduism was spread in all parts of Asia, and abundant traces of Hinduism and other aspects of Indian Culture associated with it still remain in various regions of the continent. This Commemoration volume brings home to the minds of all, this long-forgotten, but very important chapter in the history of Indian culture as found out from modern researches.



















"To those who know what India has done in the past, it is a guide putting the entire range of Indian achievement outside India in proper focus. To others, who do not think that India has anything to teach to the world, the volume serves as an eye-opener and convinces them that what a variety of contribution India has made to the world thought and learning. It is a record of which every Indian, or a citizen of the world, can be justly proud."  

- Sunday Standard